Burberry Says Buh-Bye To Their Equestrian Knight Logo & This Is Why

Burberry Says Buh-Bye To Their Equestrian Knight Logo & This Is Why

Yes, you read that right. The British luxury label best known for its beige trench coats has decided to move on from their equestrian knight logo, which looks like this.

Developed in 1901 under founder Thomas Burberry's guidance, the iconic Burberry London logo in the Bodoni typeface is now a thing of the past. Here is the new Sans Serif logotype, as revealed by Burberry...


The #ThomasBurberry Monogram August 2018

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... and the inspiration behind it.

Peter Saville, the renowned graphic designer behind the design, is the founder of Factory Records and the artist behind some iconic album cover art.

Saville revealed to a British design and interiors publication that the new and drastically different monogram and logotype were introduced as a "step-change, an identity that taps into the heritage of the company in a way that suggests the twenty-first century's cultural coordinates of what Burberry could be". 

The initiative to change the logo was Riccardo Tisci's, Burberry's new Chief Creative Director, in collaboration with Peter Saville. The luxury label's Instagram reveals that the conversation started back in March 2018 and that Saville rolled out the design in just 4 weeks! Read from the bottom up.


A conversation between #PeterSaville and #RiccardoTisci

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The #ThomasBurberry Monogram pattern revealed . #RiccardoTisci #Burberry

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While this change IS the topic of conversation all across the world, the popular opinion has emerged to be on the negative end. All we have to say in the matter, though, is that thank God they didn't get rid of the Burberry checks because their recent makeover has definitely made them more attractive.

What do you think?

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