There Is No LoC In Love - The Love Story Of An Indian & Pakistani That Won The Internet!

There Is No LoC In Love - The Love Story Of An Indian & Pakistani That Won The Internet!

As cliche as it may sound, love truly knows no boundaries.

With inter-cultural marriages slowly gaining acceptance, marrying an individual from a different religion still remains a taboo. While we've come across a few Hindu-Muslim couples who fought all odds to be together, the story of Sarah Hussain and Mustafa Dawood is even more special because they come from two different countries. Sarah hails from Karachi and Mustafa is from Mumbai. Their love story goes beyond borders and in a post on the Facebook page of Humans Of Bombay, Sarah shared the struggles they went through and how moving to India after marriage changed her life. 

Sarah talks about being brought up in a wealthy Karachi family and goes on to elaborate their love story. "I decided to trust my family and marry the man who wouldn’t give up on me," she shared.

She even elaborated on how the big shift from Pakistan to India involved a lot of legal work which even lead to trouble in their marriage in the first few months. But both Sarah and Mustafa never gave up on each other. "I was alone and in a new country but looking back, I feel like some of our most romantic moments were hidden in those troubled times," she shared. 

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Sarah and Mustafa's story received a lot of love and appreciation on Social Media as soon as it went up. With more than 400 shares and over 7,000 likes, the couple sure is inspiring a lot of people. Not just the fact that it's an Indo-Pak marriage but the fact that Sarah was, for a good amount of time, the main earning member has managed to break gender stereotypes.

A comment on the post read, "The lines, 'We weren’t man and wife. We’re partners.' speak out loud about your entire story! How ironical that most of us here call ourselves 'modern' and open-minded'. Because when it comes to understanding a thing as simple as this, that gender is no ground for setting the rules for who should earn and who should take care of the house, we have terribly failed! And again, you both have proved that pure and unconditional love can see one out of the hardest of times! Stay blessed, you both"

They made a promise to make it work and today, they live happily ever after. Kudos to the couple for fighting all odds and coming out stronger than ever!