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Uber Drivers Turned Storytellers & Shared *Beautiful* Passenger Love Stories!

Uber Drivers Turned Storytellers & Shared *Beautiful* Passenger Love Stories!

Apart from our friends, colleagues, family and relatives, we come across many other people in our day to day lives. From the couple exchanging glances next to you at a restaurant to the cuddly partners in the elevator... We see love and life in various forms every day. And a beautiful moment, even if not your own, stays with you for a long, long time. 

On this day of love, a few Uber drivers turned storytellers and revealed some very interesting and quirky love stories of people they drove. Drive Partners at Uber interact with riders from different ethnicities, beliefs, cultures, and heritage. Each of these individuals has a unique story to tell, in this case, love stories! The backseat of an Uber ride is a treasure of many funny, emotional, dramatic, and exciting love stories – all classic ingredients of a blockbuster Bollywood film. From old school crushes meeting on an uberPOOL ride to proposals while on the ride, here are some adorable stories that the cabbies shared. 

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1. True love goes beyond looks

"On my Uber ride, I met a couple. The girl had 56 percentage burns on her body because some psycho had attacked her. Her boyfriend still decided to marry her. I admired the fact that the boyfriend clearly loved and respected the girl, and it didn't matter if she was burnt. You don't see such things in these times. I feel very happy for that couple. May they stay together for their whole life."

2. Love beyond boundaries

"I have a great and touching story to tell. One day a very old couple booked my cab for Old Delhi station, it was a long journey and during the journey, they started sweet conversations with me. I got to know that before India - Pakistan partition they lived in Lahore (Pakistan) and they met each other at a Lahore railway station. Back then there were curfews and this young boy saved a beautiful girl’s life and dropped her home safely. After that, they started meeting each other. They were teenagers when partition happened and post that they came to India and got married after a few years. Now their age is around 80-85, and they have only one child in India. Apart from that, no one is alive in their family. We generally watch such stories in movies but I never thought that I would meet such people in real life also. Finally, when the journey ended I dropped them with a big smile."

3. The advice that changed their life

"A couple booked my cab for a POOL ride who had unfortunately applied for divorce a few months ago. They kept fighting with each other throughout the ride. I gave them some real-life marriage advice. After a couple of weeks, they sent me a message - 'thank you very much.'"

4. Long distance love! 

"Once a girl booked my car for the airport and on the way, we started talking. Then she told me that she is going to receive her boyfriend who was in Bangalore for five years completing his engineering and in those years they didn't meet or see each other. But still, they were in a relationship and loyal to each other. That day she taught me an important lesson - love is not based on looks or being around each other all the time, it’s a sweet feeling where a heart beats for the other."

5. Old school romance

"An elderly couple booked a ride. They had come to Bangalore from Delhi. I was playing a late 70’s Bollywood playlist. The husband dedicated a song of Kishore Kumar from the playlist to his wife and asked me to raise the volume and started humming the song for her. She was blushing, smiling and looked happy. They were the best couple I ever saw in my car."

6. The UberPROPOSAL!

"Ek baar Ek couple ne meri ride book ki. Unko drop karne ke 30 minutes baad ladke ne phone kiya aur bola ki uska ek gift car me reh gaya hai. Mai gift vapas karne gaya jo mere car me neeche gir gaya tha. Usne mujhe kass ke galle lagaya aur gift khol ke uske andar jo ring thi voh usne propose karke ladki ko pehenayi aur muje jaane nahi diya. Ladki ko car ke pass chodke voh kahi gaya. 5 minutes me vapis ek cake lekar aaya aur mujse katvaya."

7. In sickness and in health

"This was the same day when the Mumbai bandh happened. I got a booking from TATA hospital to Borivali. When I reached the location I saw a couple in their 50s waiting for me. They asked me if I will drop them to Borivali and I told them that 'Mumbai bandh hai’. They said, 'Beta please drop us, my wife is suffering from breast cancer and she came here for her chemotherapy. Now she cannot stand and its hard for us to reach Borivali'. I told them that we can try and as expected, on our journey we met with a lot of problems. But by the grace of God, we managed to reach Malad station. When they got out of the car, the lady was unable to walk. So her husband who was in his 50s carried her to the station. Looking at this I understood when there is love in marriage nothing is impossible."

8. You're never too old to love

"I have seen many couples in my Uber rides, but the most unforgettable movement was when one day an elderly husband and wife sat in my car. They were like my Dada Ji & Dadi Ji but their relationship was like a young couple. They were playing antakshiri with each other on the ride."

9. The 'just married' couple!

"Ek bar ek rider ki request aayi, main location pe pahucha! Waha ek ladka mila aur usne mujhe 15 min rukne ki request ki! Mujhe 15 ki jagah 25 min ho gaye par main wait karta raha. Waha ek shadi ho rahi thi or log dulha dulhan ke aage dhol nagaro pe dance kar rahe the! Dheere dheere sabhi log nachte hue meri car ke paas aake ruk gaye or dulha dulhan meri car me baith gaye or aage ki seat pe wo ladka baith gaya! Mujhe bahut ajeeb laga par maine usse chalne ke liye poocha or unhone chalne ki ijazat de di. Maine trip start ki or unhe unki drop location tak leke gaya. Waha maine unko drop Kiya or unhe shaadi ki badhayi di. Fir us ladke ne payment ki or mujhe 101 rupaye tip dete hue kaha ki bhai jo gadi maine book ki thi wo aaya nahi or fir maine uber book ki par itna der rukne ko koi teyyar nahi tha. Aap aaye, ruke or trip complete ki uske liye dhanyawad. Ye mera first time tha ki meri gadi me koi dulha dulhan baithe the."

If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling that LOVE ACTUALLY is all around.

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