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YouTuber Lilly Singh Hits Back At Bollywood Stereotypes With 'Choli Ke Peeche' Rap

 YouTuber Lilly Singh Hits Back At Bollywood Stereotypes With 'Choli Ke Peeche' Rap

Lilly Singh has done justice to her moniker IISuperWomanII.

Become the highest paid YouTuber in the world? Check!
Write a self-help book that goes on to become a bestseller? Check!
Come out as a bisexual and own it like a boss? Check!
Become the first Indian to host a late-night show? Check!
Be a badass and inspire millions of women through Vlogs? Double check!

1 lilly singh bollywood rap video

Damn! Is there anything our superwoman can't do? And now, to top it all, the Indo-Canadian singer dropped a new video on YouTube, featuring her empowering reinterpretation of several hit Bollywood songs. Her video, If Bollywood Songs Were Rap, has set social media on fire and people can't stop raving about it. It touches upon topics like mental health, consent, bisexuality and body positivity.

Watch the entertaining video here:

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Lilly shared on Instagram, "I love Bollywood and I love rap music. So I decided to let my worlds collide by turning some of my favourite songs into rap songs! And while I was at it, I thought, why not make them little motivational anthems that speak to causes close to my heart?"

2 lilly singh bollywood rap video

The first rap, Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai, is a take on stereotypical objectification of women. It talks about strong and badass ladies and how they can rule in any field. Our favourite lyric? When tells men to "keep their horses in their stables" because women don't need any saving. *wink*

3 lilly singh bollywood rap video

On Instagram, the singer shared her fascination with the song and the theme of her video: "Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai is a CLASSIC and so I wanted to pair it with some modern wisdom I’ve gained over the years. Growing up, I was often taught a 'right' and 'wrong' way to be a woman. I was told exposing your body too much isn’t good, fair skin is the goal, having a tummy isn’t beautiful and subconsciously that other people could/would and should make judgments about you... As I’ve grown up, I’ve proactively made an effort to unlearn a lot of these things and this song represents that growth in a nutshell. Shout outs to all my sisters who love to cover up and to those who love to show it all. Shout outs to my sisters who enjoy reading books, cooking and/or flexing on a pole. Shout outs to my light, dark and everything in between sisters. Shout outs to all my sisters with PHAT stretch marks. Shout outs to my working women and stay at home moms. It’s YOUR choice. Regardless of all the things we’ve been told and taught, you’re beautiful and deserve respect. Tag a sister you love and let her know she’s AMAZING."

4 lilly singh bollywood rap video

In the second song, All Izz Well, her rap talks about mental health and how it is okay to ask for help if one is going through a bad time in their life. She tries to pacify all the millennial kids whose "massijis won't stay out of their business".

5 lilly singh bollywood rap video

Her last rap song, Aankh Marey, normalises bisexuality. She encourage fans to embrace themselves, whatever their sexual preferences may be. The coolest thing about the video would probably be Lilly hitting on a guy and girl at the same time through some really funny lyrics: "I do both, we don't need to pick. Hey boy, can I have your number? We can satisfy each other. Hey girl, can I have your cell?"

6 lilly singh bollywood rap video

Since being shared online, the video has collected over five lakh views on YouTube, along with thousands of comments. If Bollywood Songs Were Rap is just a taste of what Singh will deliver as NBC’s new daily late-night show. I can't stop watching her video on loop. The lyrics are so catchy and kick-ass.

Is Lilly Singh the new Gully Girl around the block? Our answer is a big YES.

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