10 Things To Learn About Love & Life From ‘Dear Zindagi’!

10 Things To Learn About Love & Life From ‘Dear Zindagi’!
It’s amazing how some films touch your heart, and Dear Zindagi was one of those films for me. It’s simple, sweet and just beautiful. We’ve got one life and we gotta live it to the fullest, and that’s the mantra of this film. An ordinary story of an ordinary girl, Dear Zindagi is a film about you and me. After watching this movie, I felt a lot closer to my own self and it made me fall in love with my zindagi. So here I am, in front of my computer, talking about the life lessons I took home from this amazing film.

1. The tough decision may not always be the right one

They say that sometimes the right path isn’t the easiest one, but sometimes, if you purposely put yourself through a tough phase, it might not always be the right one. We have been conditioned in a way that we feel if something is difficult, then it must be right. But that’s not always the case. Do what makes you comfortable. Kaira chooses to stay at Goa for her short film instead of going to New York and wasn’t she the happiest? That’s what matters.
1 Dear Zindagi

2. Don’t be scared to love

We are often scared to love. We are scared to admit that we are in love. We often build a wall for ourselves and as soon as someone wants to break that wall, we run away. Now that’s not fair to you or that person. Just because something didn’t work out in the past, it doesn’t mean it never will. Love is a beautiful feeling - embrace it, experience it.

3. The past is in the past

‘Don't let your past blackmail your present into ruining your beautiful future’ - This is the ULTIMATE mantra. What’s gone is gone, so why cry over it? Don’t let your insecurities ruin something beautiful. The sooner you let go of your past, the happier you’ll be in your present.   3 Dear Zindagi

4. Give people another chance

You make mistakes. I make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s okay to give a second chance to people. Be it your parents, your boyfriend or your friends - give them another chance, they’re only human, after all! Starting all over again is not that bad sometimes.

5. There’s no such thing as a perfect partner

We all have a set definition of a perfect partner. We look for someone who meets our definition of perfect but do we do that for our other relationships? No, right? Then why do we HAVE to find the perfect one for our romantic relationships? Hell, we aren’t perfect either... Expecting someone else to be perfect is a little too much.  
5 Dear Zindagi

6. Friends are for life

Friends are like the family you choose for yourself. In good times or bad, they are ALWAYS by your side. It’s important that you love them, keep them close and NEVER take them for granted.

7. It’s okay to cry and it’s okay to express

We feel it’s embarrassing to cry or to express what we feel. But you know what? Sometimes it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to not to be okay. It’s okay to express what you feel. It’s okay to be upset. After all, ‘Tum agar khul ke ro nahi sakti, toh tum khul ke hass kaise sakti ho?’ 7 Dear Zindagi

8. Don’t judge others or yourself

We’ve all been conditioned to believe what society believes of us. We judge our own self before anyone else and that’s just unfair. This world is a beautiful place. Don’t judge yourself and don’t judge others too. Everyone is living a different life and whatever they do, they do it for a reason.

9. Enjoy the small moments of life

Living life one moment at a time is the best way to enjoy life. Life is short so why waste it on insignificant things? Be in the moment, laugh a lot and just love your zindagi.
9 Dear Zindagi

10. What happened to writing letters?

Dear Zindagi is a letter to life and in a world full of technology, it made me wonder what exactly happened to writing letters? I feel we need to write letters to our close ones, and even though we don’t say it often, but with these letters, we should tell them that we love them. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr