‘One *Last* Thing I Want To Tell My Ex...’ 10 Girls Share!

‘One *Last* Thing I Want To Tell My Ex...’  10 Girls Share!
Breakups are tough. It’s super difficult to get over someone and move on. Sometimes we do get the closure we need to end our relationships but sometimes, there are unsaid things that just remain with us. But what if you got the chance to say that one last thing you always wanted to tell your ex? Well, we found this thread on Whisper where people are sharing the one thing they want to say to their ex.

1. The one who wanted to feel important


2. The one who never got to marry the one they loved


3. The one who has no regrets


4. The one who’s ready to give up everything


5. The one who learned a lesson


6. The one whose ex was a jerk


7. The one who changed


8. The one who still hopes for a change


9. The one who is sorry


10. The one who can’t forgive

10 You can find the thread here on Whisper. Well, these were just heartbreaking! Images: Whisper