Things Salman Khan Can Learn From Sanjay Dutt Before Prison Time

Things Salman Khan Can Learn From Sanjay Dutt Before Prison Time

After Salman Khan's verdict yesterday, the actor could be looking at 5 years in prison and though he has spent a few days in jail before, this will be his first long stint. The only other Bollywood actor who has served time in jail and come out to tell the tale is Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Dutt has a lot of lessons to teach about surviving prison and so here are a few pointers that Salman Khan could definitely use. 

1. Patience Is A Virtue 

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Post his jail time, the actor discussed how he was finally free after years of back and forth. He was convicted under the Arms Act but was acquitted in relation to the Mumbai blasts conspiracy.  

2. Take The Time To Soul-Search 

"I just thought that God has given me this time, three to four years… Why can’t I use it in a more positive way than just brooding about it?” said Sanjay Dutt in an interview post his release. He spoke about how the first two months were difficult but he decided to utilize his time by reading about the Vedas and about his religion. 

3. Hard Work Goes A Long Way

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The actor started a radio station in jail to spend his time in a productive way. He even got other inmates involved in the process. 

4. Being Humble Is The Key 

"Baba might be a big deal outside those prison walls, but inside, he was one of us. He even met my wife and mother during one of their prison visits," a former fellow inmate of the star said in an interview with a leading news agency. "My family was elated on meeting him, but to me, and to all of us prisoners, he was ordinary. Prison does that to you. The barracks snatch your worth and render you ordinary, irritatingly ordinary, even if you are a superstar." And yes, everyone in the prison continued to refer to him with his Bollywood term of endearment - 'baba'.  

5. Drown Out The Noise

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The actor talked about finding focus and making a routine that let him drown out the noise, by making chairs in jail and earning coupons. 

Something good comes out of every experience and Sanjay Dutt taught us just that. Maybe it's a lesson for Salman too! 

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