Attention Makeup Junkies: Laura Mercier Launched A *Glowy* Translucent Setting Powder!

Attention Makeup Junkies: Laura Mercier Launched A *Glowy* Translucent Setting Powder!

Laura Mercier just dropped a glowy version of the iconic Translucent Setting Powder and makeup artists everywhere are going to love this! The new glow powder is a mix between a highlighter and a setting powder and gives your face a subtle, diffused glow. You can use it all over your face or just on the high points for a candlelit effect! 


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The product is best applied with a brush versus a wet sponge! If you're not a person who likes a blinding or a shimmery highlighter on your face, you might have just hit gold with this product. It's perfect for giving your skin the most subtle luminosity, almost like you're glowing from within.

The product comes in two colours, translucent and medium deep.

Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario gives us a quick tutorial on how to best use the product. Check it out! 

We caught up with some Instagrammers too and here's what they said.


My voxbox from @influenster and @lauramercier ! This was a great box! I really like the original translucent setting powder and I was looking forward to trying the new glow formula. The package came with a small original setting powder, full size glow in shade translucent, and a brush. These powders do a great job of soaking up extra oil on the face. I like to bake with them, apply my eyeshadow, and then blend in/remove any extra. Below is a breakdown on each item.- - Original powder - Works really well. I do not feel like this discolors my face even though it goes on very light. It is finely milled and keeps my face smooth. I am able to use this as a full face setting powder. - Translucent Glow Setting Powder - This is very glowy/shimmery but it does not have big chunks of glitter. I liked it under the eyes because it seemed to add some brightness. Even though this shade is translucent, it did leave a bit of a yellow tone on my skin. Because of this and the shimmer, I find it works better as an under eye vs. full face setting powder. Smell is not super strong. It sets and lasts without moving around. I also felt like it kept my face looking more matte then in areas I didn't use it. The nice thing about this is that it kept my oil down while still not looking powdery or dried out. - Brush - This is a great brush for applying setting powder in specific areas. It was able to get under my eyes very well and made great lines below my cheek. It is a very soft bush and great for detail work. I do however prefer a larger, fluffy brush when blending or removing extra powder. - I received this items complimentary from Influenster for testing/review purposes. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #lauramerciervoxbox #lauramerciertranslucentpowder #lauramercier #lauramerciersettingpowder #glowsettingpowder #glowtranslucentpowder #translucentpowder #translucentsettingpowder #tsp #lauramerciertrial #complimentary #review #reviewed #makeupreview #sephora #sephorasale #influenstervoxbox #influencer #influenster #voxbox #reviewer #translucentloosepowder #SetUpAndGlow #LauraMercierTranslucentPowderglow #contest

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In case you want to see if it's worth the fuss, you can buy it here.

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