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These Adorable Primped Up Pups Are Going To Flood Your Insta Feed!

These Adorable Primped Up Pups Are Going To Flood Your Insta Feed!

We all are so done with weird beauty trends, right? Nostril extensions, braided brows and stud make-up we’re over them but we have a feeling that it won’t be easy to get over Instagram’s latest beauty trend. And just to give you a heads up, it’s not a weird trend, it’s a cute one. It’s definitely not the kind you would cringe at, it’s the kind you’ll keep watching over and over again because it involves dogs! No, no one is drawing puppies on their eyelids or lips.

Now, we can’t actually apply make-up on our pooches but we can pretend to do so, because believe it or not, they love it! Soft make-up brush strokes on them fluffies - you get the drift?

Say hello to Instagram’s latest and might we say cutest beauty video trend! ASMR videos of pups being petted with make-up brushes.  


The trend took off after a viral make-up video was posted by a Twitter user Noelani G. She has been posting her dog make-up videos for a while now and that inspired others to do it as well (considering how happy her pups look). She makes them sound so real by explaining things like, “She has very nice brows, so we'll leave them natural...this time.”

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Recently, Insta-famous doggo account Adventures of Pippa and Clark posted a video of Pippa, a golden retriever sitting happy as her fur is softly stroked with a fan brush. The caption read, “Pippa wanted to remind you to be yourself because no one can do it as good as you can!”   

Some dogs might potentially mistake the brushes for a chew toy but these videos are so worth it.


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While you may feel sometimes that a beauty tutorial is complicated or intimidating, these videos are nothing like that. There’s not one thing that we don’t like about this new viral trend and we are sure many doggo lovers will spend hours watching it. You combine beauty and cute pups and the internet is good to go!

Featured Image: Adventures of Pippa and Clark

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