Laila-Majnu Might Just Be Bollywood's New Fairytale Romance!

Laila-Majnu Might Just Be Bollywood's New Fairytale Romance!

If you've still got a bit of a mush hangover from yesterday, this will just make it more intense. Bollywood is bringing back Laila-Majnu, the lovers who never really got their happily-ever-after but made history with the power of their love and devotion towards each other. With a story as iconic as theirs, it seems only obvious that it will be retold for generations. As for this generation though, Ekta Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali have taken it upon themselves to show us what true love looks like, along with director Sajid Ali, who is a Pakistani poet, singer, and director. 

Ekta Kapoor posted a picture along with Imtiaz Ali on Twitter, announcing their film together and it has got us quite intrigued. Simply because the duo seems to have a very different manner of filmmaking attached to their work. Laila-Majnu might just be the perfect way to bring together Imtiaz's style of whimsical storytelling and Ekta's knack of producing quirky, off-beat films.

A few hours later, Balaji Motion Pictures (Ekta Kapoor's production house) released a tactical teaser poster. 

Of course, we can't tell who the actors are but I guess that's just a part of the charm. As we eagerly anticipate what the two have in store for us, there are rumours that the movie stars Shahid Kapoor (he was said to be in Imtiaz's next) and here is hoping that it's true! Shahid as Majnu might be exactly the kind of loverboy we need him to play after Jab We Met!

The film is all set to release by May 4th and will definitely be worth the wait.