Lady Gaga Wore An H2T Feathered Look & I CANNOT Keep A *Poker Face*

Lady Gaga Wore An H2T Feathered Look & I CANNOT Keep A *Poker Face*

I wish I could say 'can't read my, can't read my, no, you can't read my poker face' but the truth is I can't keep one. The reason is that I'm overjoyed at a certain popstar's outfit at the Venice Film Festival. Every time I look at her outfit, I want to cry, laugh and smile at the same time. Who is this celebrity who's sent me on an emotional roller coaster ride?

1 lady gaga feathers look venice film festival

Why, of course, it is Lady Gaga. The Americal singer was at the Venice Film Festivals for the screening of her film A Star Is Born with co-star Bradley Cooper (yum).

Wearing a candy floss pink ballgown by Maison Valentino, Gaga stole the spotlight on the red carpet... and she wasn't even performing! Her H2T feathered fringe gown had an off-shoulder neckline and larger-than-life pink feathers attached to it.

2 lady gaga feathers look venice film festival

She was spot on with her jewellery. It complemented the flamingo-esque gown perfectly as it was simple yet sophisticated. Apart from her sparkly solitaire earrings, we didn't spot any bling on her and we support the decision. 

If there's anyone who could have pulled it off, it is Lady Gaga. We're elated at the sight, aren't you? While the 'Born This Way' singer made a statement and how her handsome co-star wore a navy blue and black tux by Gucci. So, naturally, next to Gaga, he would've looked a little bland if not for his strikingly good looks.

God bless the Venice Film Festival for giving us Lady Gaga's sensational Valentino gown but hers isn't the only one we want in our closet. 

Dakota Johnson's sheer strapless Dior dress is all lace and no joke.

Cate Blanchett showed 'em how it's done when she appeared on the red carpet, wearing this gorgeous velvet Giorgio Armani dress, also with feathered detail.

Naomi Watts might not be fond of feathers but we sure are fond of her black cami dress and lacey sheer overlay by Dolce & Gabbana. 

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