Internet Cheers For The Cop In Jhansi Who Brings Her 6-Month-Old Baby To Work

Internet Cheers For The Cop In Jhansi Who Brings Her 6-Month-Old Baby To Work

In the modern rendition of courage and bravery, a woman cop in Jhansi has won hearts on social media for taking her infant with her to work. Constable Archana Singh was photographed working at her desk at the Jhansi Kotwali police station, while her six-month-old baby was asleep on the desk.

The picture was posted online by her colleague last week and it has been doing the rounds on social media ever since. Her story inspired many, but for Archana, it was a regular day at work.

Archana, who hails from Agra, was posted in Jhansi two years ago. According to reports, the policewoman had no other option but to bring her baby daughter to work every day since there was no one at home to babysit. Her husband works for a private company in Gurugram, while her elder daughter lives in Kanpur with Archana's parents.

The cop has been getting assistance at work from her colleagues and seniors, but she expressed her wish to be transferred to Agra. This would give her the opportunity to raise both her daughters together and carry out her work. 

After the story went viral, the Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police (DGP) OP Singh issued an order for Archana's transfer to her home district. In a tweet, the DGP described Archana as a 'quintessential 21st-century woman' who aced any responsibility she was entrusted with. The DGP also mentioned that her story had 'inspired' the department to explore creche options across police lines.

The prompt action by the DGP to transfer Archana was praised on social media. However, a few others called the police out, especially on instances that prevented working parents from spending more time with their children.

According to government data from earlier this year, women comprise about 7.3% of the total police force in India. The number falls to 3.8% in Archana's home state of Uttar Pradesh.*

Setting up daycare centres, postpartum amenities and crèche facilities at police stations are part of an age-old policy that's yet to be fully implemented. The National Conference for Women in Police had made a formal recommendation back in 2002. Sixteen years later, many others like Archana are still struggling due to lack of support and facilities at workplaces. 

*Source: The National Conference for Women in Police

Featured Image: Twitter

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