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The Lacoste Crocodile Loses Its Spot To The Javan Rhino And The Sumatran Tiger!

The Lacoste Crocodile Loses Its Spot To The Javan Rhino And The Sumatran Tiger!

With people becoming more aware of social and environmental issues, the fashion industry is responsibly moving towards sustainable designs and fabrics. It’s been a while since luxe brands like Gucci, Stella McCartney, Armani, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo decided to go fur-free. And now, the best known French polo shirt brand, Lacoste is replacing its iconic crocodile logo for all the right reasons.

René Lacoste, the founder of Lacoste and French tennis player was nicknamed as ‘the crocodile’ because of the way he dealt with is opponents and thus, crocodile became a part of the logo of his clothing label.

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The brand is now ditching the crocodile logo and replacing it with ten endangered animals in a limited-edition line. The collection is created in partnership with a nature conservation charity.

The line has been developed by Agency BETC with the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It features animals such as the Burmese Roofed Turtle, Javan Rhino, California Condor and Sumatran Tiger.

The number of shirts available for each animal corresponds to the number of that species left in the wild, for instance, there are 350 shirts made with the Sumatran Tiger logo and 157 for the Kakapo.

During the brand’s runway show at Paris Fashion Week, total 1,775 polo shirts have been launched.        

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