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Pout Here Gone Tomorrow: Kylie Jenner Revealed Why Her Lips Look More Like They Did In 2010!

Pout Here Gone Tomorrow: Kylie Jenner Revealed Why Her Lips Look More Like They Did In 2010!

Instagram can be your entertainment and your companion on a face mask Monday night, but it can sometimes shock you enough for you to drop your phone. And pick it back up and message all of your pop culture enthusiast friends to wake up and be as shocked as you are. Something exactly like that JUST happened to me. 

I was just scrolling through my feed sippin' on my tea when I came across a picture that Kylie Jenner poster with her friend, Anastasia Karanikolaou and I seriously thought I was hallucinating. Why did she look YEARS YOUNGER like we were back in 2010? So I did what any sane person would do. I stalked her comments and woke my friends up.


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Apart from the usual comments, there was one comment of a user called @haleithorn who mentioned that Kylie looked like her old self. Kylie miraculously responded to her saying '@haleithorn i got rid of all my filler'. Oh my God! Isn't that something!? But also so casual, Kylie. Just revealed such a HUGE detail in the comments NBD!

kylie jenner lip filler comment screenshot

Recently in a Youtube video, while answering some fan questions she spoke about baby Stormi and her insecurities when she was younger. She said that Stormi has a lot of features that are like her but she's glad that the thing that she is most insecure about, her lips, is not something that Stormi got from her.

But after this post, we HAVE TO ask the question, no insecurity anymore, right?

Whatever might be the reason, we are so glad you did this Kylie and judging by the comments, your fans absolutely love this too! More power to you Ms. Jenner. 

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