Glorifying Misogyny? Kriti Sanon Says Ek Chumma Is Not Regressive & We Disagree

Glorifying Misogyny? Kriti Sanon Says Ek Chumma Is Not Regressive & We Disagree

Kriti Sanon has got her hands full with Housefull 4 as the fourth instalment from the series gears up to hit the big screens on October 25, 2019. The movie is set in 1419 and 2019 and themed around reincarnation. A new song from the movie just dropped and has been pretty much front and centre of controversies. The song titled Ek Chumma, stars Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh and Bobby Deol as male leads and Kriti Sanon, Kriti Kharbanda and Pooja Hegde as female leads. As soon as T-Series posted the video on YouTube, fans have been leaving comments labelling the song as regressive, misogynistic, sexist and disrespectful towards women.

The lyrics go somewhat like this:

O madam goggle waali
Don't go yun deke gaali 

Haan gundon se chudaya hai
Maine tujhe bachaya hai
Haan pooch le saamne janta hai

Ek chumma... Ek chumma...
Ik chumma toh banta hai
Ek chumma... Ek chumma...
Ek chumma toh banta hai


Here's the video, watch it for yourself and decide.


In the very beginning of the song, you'll see Akshay Kumar in his salt and pepper hair, looking like he would be old enough to be Kriti's (Kharbanda) father pulling up her top. Why Mr.? Are women not allowed to wear whatever they please without getting eve teased or being slut-shamed? Then there's a clip where Akshay is kissing her feet; I really don't know what that was about. Please help decipher? 

Then all the three boys hand over a diamond ring to the girls who seemed excited at first and then appalled after seeing how small the diamond was. Are you trying to say that all women say yes to a marriage proposal based on the size of the rock? Are we really that shallow?


Talking about Housefull 4 Kriti said, “This edition is different from its predecessors because of the reincarnation twist. As an actor, my job is to do different things and cater to different audiences. It’s tough to make people laugh. I was fortunate to be surrounded by a talented bunch of people. Akshay has a great sense of humour, both off and on-screen.”

When she was asked about the song in an interview, Kriti defended the song; she said “How is it regressive? The boys are saying [those lines] to their partner, not to a stranger. If Ek Chumma was disrespectful towards women, I would have spoken up.”

So going by that logic Kriti, we should oblige to all of our boyfriend's requests because he fulfilled his duty as a responsible man and saved his girl from the bad guys? 

Sorry, not sorry Kriti we believe in Nariwadi. 

She went on to justify her point by bringing up the song Tareefan from Veere Di Wedding. Kriti said, “In Tareefan, why was it not pointed that male models were being treated the way mainstream treats female models? In Coca Cola [song from Luka Chuppi], I was asked why the girl was being put down [through the lyrics]. But my character too was saying the same lines to the guy. How is it okay for a guy to be teased, but there’s so much talk when a girl is being teased?” she asked.

We're not sure we agree with you on this, Kriti. Do you feel that Bollywood item numbers need a major transformation? Because we sure are tired of the classic, objectifying choreography and sexist lyrics. 

Featured Image: YouTube

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