Koffee With Karan: 30 Things We Loved About Akshay and Ranveer’s Bromantic Episode

Koffee With Karan: 30 Things We Loved About Akshay and Ranveer’s Bromantic Episode

When we first saw the trailer for last week’s Koffee with Karan with Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar, we were confused: Why would you bring these two together? With no connection, no movies done together, it was a surprise pairing, much like Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone! However, if anyone could have pulled this off, it had to be Karan Johar. He has a knack for such things, and his formulae work: Every season brings a fresh round of controversies.

The second episode of season 6 was full of crazy moments that got us thinking that Ranveer and Akshay are so alike. The two are fun, spontaneous and just so entertaining to watch. If you caught them on Sunday night, you must have seen how similar the two of them seemed - Ranveer is Akshay Kumar from the 90s.

So, we’re bringing you 30 crazy things Tutu and Akki did on the show that proved that they are two peas in a pod.

1. Mumma’s Boys

In his opening monologue, Karan spoke about how both Akshay and Ranveer (the three in fact) are Mumma’s boys. We are really not surprised!

2. Hero-Wali Entry!

The two guests made their entry with a boombox playing, ‘Bholi Bhaali Ladki’. The two did the hook step, showing host Karan Johar how to pull it off.

1-KWK-Akshay-Ranveer-dancing Koffee With Karan

3. Up In The Air

The two actors are totally unpredictable! Akshay and Ranveer let their hair down and put their feet on the table just because... Then Karan asked them to sit on the couch because the cameras weren't set for that position.

4. When Their Worlds Collided

We just knew that photo Ranveer shared of the two of them on Instagram had a crazy story behind it. Ranveer's cousins were visiting from Canada and all they wanted to do was catch a glimpse of Akki. When Ranveer and his cousins finally made it to SNDT college where Akshay was shooting for Keemat, they were nearly thrown out of the shooting area by an irritated Raveena Tandon, only for Akshay to come to his rescue.




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5. Ranveer’s Hair-Raising Stories

That photo is proof that Ranveer hairstyles were outlandish from his childhood. We now know when his need for style (or the lack thereof!) first started. Akshay seemed to agree even back in the day he liked Ranveer's haircut. That was apparently the day Ranveer fell in love with the Khiladi for life!

6. Akshay Predicted Ranveer Future

Admit it. We were all lost somewhere imagining Ranveer’s Akshay story word-for-word. The way he described Akki scene-for-scene as he left the studio in his car, leaving a 'plume of dust' in his wake, are the hallmarks of a budding director. We agree with Akki on that point.

7. Imitation Is The Greatest Form Of Flattery

How good were Ranveer’s Akshay impressions! We will be playing the clip over and over when Ranveer imitated Akki and said, "I don't like to see money getting wasted." The voice, the delivery style, the smile.

8. Ranveer Or Ranbir

Wait, did Akshay just address Ranveer as Ranbir? It happens to the best of us. Guess, we’ll let that one slip. 

9. Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

“Ranveer is me,” Akshay called out barely 10 minutes into the conversation. The Khiladi went to describe how Ranveer’s energy and positive attitude reminded him of a younger version of himself. We guess the innumerable times Ranveer imitated Akshay and his dialogues also convinced the latter to draw that much-awaited comparison. 

Koffee With Karan- Akshay And Ranveer Sitting

10. Just Dance

Every two minutes, it seemed as though Ranveer would break into an impromptu dance routine. He just gives a vibe of that excited baraati who will never say no to dancing. Ever. Both Karan and Akki had stories about how Ranveer did not let any opportunity to dance at a wedding go wasted! 

11. Akshay Is Ranveer’s Guru

Ranveer said he drew his never-say-no-to-dance attitude from Akshay. Ranveer let out a little Khiladi wisdom - dance everywhere, even if it is a wedding, birthday or a child’s mundann. We were left snorting with laughter on that bit.

12. When Ranveer Confessed That He Wears Karan’s Hand-Me-Downs

Yes! Finally, we know where those unusual outfits finally come from. Karan admitted that he had gifted Ranveer that iconic jumpsuit. We all remember how that picture (which also featured an allegedly shell-shocked Alia Bhatt) almost broke the internet. Karan also pointed out that the two halves of the jumpsuit were never meant to be worn together. No one told Ranveer that.

13. Akshay And Ranveer Have A Similar Taste In Fashion

How else could you define Akshay liking Ranveer’s tracksuit? If you need further proof, just scroll through some of Akshay’s 90’s photos. Akshay convincingly commented that Ranveer's jumpsuit was nice, while Karan went all out to call them 'birds of the same feather.'

14. The Underwear Connection

Ranveer did an underwear scene in his 9th movie (Befikre). Akshay did a similar scene in his 8th or 9th movie (Suhaag). It would seem the two are chuddy-buddies. Akshay pointed out that the colour of their undies in those movies was different, but the fact that both of them did a similar scene at a similar stage in their careers was a weird coincidence. 

15. Ranveer In My Dumb-Charades Team, Please

Ranveer Singh’s Bollywood knowledge is at a stratospheric level. Think about it - he knows all of Akshay’s movies, songs, dialogues and dance routines. How he lost the buzzer round at the end is still a puzzle! While Akki had forgotten the song we danced to in his famous underwear scene, Ranveer was quick to jump in. "It's My Life," he blurted out. How many times has he watched that scene, we wonder!

16. Both Were Equally Bad In The Impromptu Scene

The impromptu act was absolutely cringe-worthy, and perhaps unnecessary to an extent. The two were asked to act out an 80s or 90s scene where the two played brothers and Ranveer was shot in the chest by Karan. The overacting, the pelvic thrust and the bare nipple scene gave me a chance to refill my Fiteh Muh coffee mug. Ranveer was breaking character every two seconds and while Akshay did his best to play along, the scene dragged without any fun. 

17. Ranveer Is Not A Khatron Ka Khiladi

Akshay is an adrenaline junkie. We have seen it both off camera and on screen. In a recorded message, Ranveer's friend recounted a funny story about how once the Padmaavat actor got terrified on a roller coaster. On the ride he once took with his friends, he started saying, Mumma, I'll be good. Please save me and I'll never do anything wrong." 

18. Akshay Is Still A Kid At Heart

Akshay is a 51-year-old with the energy of a 12-year-old. His trainer and other colleagues revealed how fit, energetic and down-to-earth the actor is. How does the guy do it?

19. Their Reel Lives Resonate Their Real Lives

In a recorded message, Ranveer's friends pointed out that the actor is consistently poking fun and trying to lighten the atmosphere with his crazy antics. Meanwhile, Akshay's colleagues mentioned that the real Akshay is sweet and caring. 

20. Ranveer & Akshay On Deepika

Karan Johar had asked Ranveer in his rapid fire that he had to associate a pet to each actor. Hummingbird, is what Ranveer said when Karan took Deepika's name. The fact that Ranveer barely took a second to think about the question spoke how clearly he knew Deepika and how much love he had for her. Meanwhile, when Karan asked Akshay who he thinks is the hottest actress in the industry, he said Deepika. 

21. Ranveer In Akshay's Biopic? We Vote Yes!

Ranveer Singh On Koffee With Karan  Smirking

When Ranveer had the tricky choice of selecting whether he had to act in Anil Kapoor's biopic or Akshay's, he cleverly deflected the topic by saying Anil Kapoor would be the star of his own movie. The Akshay Kumar biopic featuring Ranveer is something that would have us rubbing our hands together in excitement. Who else agrees!?

22. Better Safe Than Sorry?

Akshay and Ranveer's rapid fire rounds were like chalk and cheese. While Ranveer deflected a lot of important questions - like choosing his favourite director or his preferred upcoming star - he chose to be diplomatic. Ranveer may have had witty answers in the rapid fire round, but our Khiladi was straightforward - he picked his favourite Khan (Salman) and Bollywood legend (Amitabh Bachchan). 

23. The Perfect Remake

When Akshay was asked in his rapid fire round which movie of his would be a perfect fit for Ranveer, he suggested Rowdy Rathod. The action blockbuster was perfect as with Akshay in it, but we can’t say no to that remake with Ranveer. He’s even got the moustache for it!

24. A Soft Spot For Vicky Kaushal

A lot of Akshay's rapid fire answers were being resonated by Ranveer. When Khiladi was asked to pick his favourite from the crop of upcoming actors, he selected Vicky and Ranveer seemed to agree. Ranveer is already working with the Raazi actor, who he called a "hero" in that segment.

25. The Salman Factor

It's no surprise that Akshay and Salman have a shared respect for each other. Both have starred in some famous 2000's comedies like Mujhe Shaadi Karogi and have been friends off camera. Akshay called out in the rapid fire round that he admired Salman among all the Khans. Meanwhile, Ranveer has Salman’s intro from KKHH memorised by heart. Great minds think alike.

26. All Tied Up

Even Karan had difficulty separating the two after the rapid fire rounds and we saw a rarity on the sets of KWK - a tie. The two guests stayed away from controversies with their answers, although Akki's were more to the point. Frankly, the entire contest seemed a little subdued and a tie was perhaps a fair result. 

27. Ranveer & Akshay's Camaraderie

Mohra was perhaps the simplest of answers in the buzzer round. Ranveer let Akshay answer it to go into the lead. The bigger surprise was Akshay not remembering the answer even with Ranveer’s help!

28. Hum Dono Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahtein Hain

Akshay’s Madhuri Dixit hook step was by far the best dance impression of the night. Sorry, Ranveer! Both of them were asked to do iconic hook steps of famous Bollywood actors and when it was their turn to imitate Madhuri Dixit, Akshay stole the show with his Dola Re Dole impression. 

Koffee With Karan Akshay And Ranveer Playing A Game

29. Arjun Kapoor Helped Both! 

In the round where the actors had to dial a movie star and ask them to say "Hey Karan, it's me," the two of them had Arjun Kapoor as their first option. It was Ranveer first who got him, but Akshay followed suit and won the round!

30. Spoiler Alert!

Akshay won the box office buzzer round, even if it was with some help from Ranveer. It had ‘House Full’ written all over it after all! 

Koffee With Karan - Winning the hamper Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh

Missed all the action from the exciting moments with Akshay and Ranveer? You can stream it on Hotstar here, along with all the other episodes from the previous years!

This season has barely begun but it's already got off to a great start with two fabulous episodes. We can't wait to watch the next one featuring none other than Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan (and a special appearance by Malaika Arora).

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