This Celeb’s Beautiful Wedding Pics Are Giving Us Shaadi Goals!

This Celeb’s Beautiful Wedding Pics Are Giving Us Shaadi Goals!
After being together for almost six years, Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai finally got married on Friday last week. The couple looks amazing together and we’re loving all the pictures from their wedding so much that we too want photos like these at our shaadi. Dear future husband, if you’re reading this then please take note.  

1. What an entry! The bride is all set for her mehendi!

1 Image: Kishwersmerchantt on Instagram

2. The colour coordinated couple! How cute.

2 Image: DeepikasDeepClicks on Instagram

3. The one with the bridesmaids!

3 Image: DeepikasDeepClicks Instagram

4. We LOVE their sunglasses. Also, this is such a happy picture!

4 Image: DeepikasDeepClicks Instagram

5. Look at her… Just beautiful!

5 Image: Kishwersmerchantt on Instagram

6. And she got a bit emotional too...

6 Image: Kishwersmerchantt on Instagram

7. *If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it*

7 Image: KnottingBells on Instagram

8. The perfect jodi!

8 Image: KnottingBells on Instagram

9. They both complement each other so well!

Image: TannazIrani on Instagram

10. Aww! This is just so sweet.

10 Image: Knottingbells on Instagram

11. The beautiful bride in red!

11 Image: Kishwersmerchantt on Instagram

12. Hahaha! They’re the coolest bride and groom!

Image: DeepikasDeepClicks on Instagram

13. Smiles all the way...

Image: DeepikasDeepClicks on Instagram

14. Happiest when together!

14 Image: DeepikasDeepClicks on Instagram Happy married life, you two. *Hearts*