Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Shanaya: Whose Friendship Day Outfit Do We Like Better?

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Shanaya: Whose Friendship Day Outfit Do We Like Better?

This Sunday was a special one. Apart from being a day off to relax and lay low, it was also International Friendship Day. A day to celebrate and celebrate with your best friend aka your sistah from another mistah. It was the same for celebrities and Bollywood stars.

It was fun to watch stars like Alia Bhatt get as sentimental as we do and post heartfelt pictures on Instagram. Star kids and cousins, Khushi Kapoor and Shanaya Kapoor, who have also been besties for a while now, were out for a special Friendship Day dinner too!

We caught a peek at their outfits and we're glad to report, we weren't disappointed. Even though these star kids are best friends, the two had very different but chic vibes going on. In fact, it was hard for us to pick a favourite. See for yourself! 

khushi vs shanaya 1

Khushi Kapoor wore a flirty and feminine floral top with a broad sweetheart neckline with her personalised 'Khushi' necklace and a tan Chanel crossbody bag.

2 khushi vs shanaya .

The Bollywood star kid contrasted this with her distressed skinny jeans, ghetto style big metallic hoops and casual espadrille sneakers. Perfect lunch date inspo, right?

While Khushi stuck to a mixed flirty-grunge vibe, Shanaya went full on 90's RnB, while maintaining star kid quotient.

3 khushi vs shanaya

We loved Shanaya's black and white retro denim printed jacket, which she layered over a tube top, boot-cut flared jeans and white sneakers. Like her best friend Khushi, Shanaya also chose hoop earrings to add to the 90's mood. 

To add a pop of colour to the ensemble, she sported a red bag on her arm. 

Like we had mentioned, it was hard to choose.

4 khushi vs shanaya

But Shanaya's unique jacket won our hearts and consequentially, the battle of the besties.

Well done, Shanaya!

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