Khichdi Returns To TV Next Month & We Can't Wait For The Madness To Begin!

Khichdi Returns To TV Next Month & We Can't Wait For The Madness To Begin!

As a kid, if there was something that was a topic of discussion and imitation back in school days -- it was the show 'Khichdi'. We have spent so much time telling each other 'Main Hoon Na' or 'Hello... how are, khaana kha ke jaana, haan'. And honestly, no matter how many days passed, this never got old for as long as the show aired.

In the time when saas bahu serious serials were topping the charts and gaining so much popularity, this super funny sit-com actually grabbed everyone's attention. Needless to say, the story of this eccentric Gujju family stole everyone's heart the moment it aired in 2002. The show went on for about two years and had an big impact on India in a way that everyone still loves each and every one from the series nd remembers the characters and the catchy lines, fondly.


From Praful's vague description of things to Hansa's utterly curious behaviour - there is nothing about this show that could possibly bore you even for a minute. So, needless to say, that it made us super happy to know that this show is planning to go on air again with 'Khichdi Returns'. Yes, it's coming back! 

The writers and the cast have confirmed this news to a popular daily that the show will start airing on 14th of April, 2018 on Star Plus for an hour on weekends. 

So, if life is troubling you and you're tired of living the same old moribund life, then it's time you start watching something that will take you back to your childhood. Apart from the old star cast, new additions like Ratna Pathak Shah, Deepshikha Shah and Renuka Sahane will also be adding an element of fun in the series. Looks like Khichdi Returns is going to twice as delicious as the first series! 

We just can't wait for the madness to begin, once again!