'Beyonce Nahi Sharmaegi Guys' & Other Thoughts We Had While Watching Khaali Peeli Trailer

'Beyonce Nahi Sharmaegi Guys' & Other Thoughts We Had While Watching Khaali Peeli Trailer

After much controversy and commotion over its music track, Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khatter starrer Khaali Peeli’s trailer dropped earlier today and the two-minute-long trailer had us thinking real hard. I mean, in all honesty, there are things about the trailer that we really like. Take, for instance, Ananya Pandey’s desi avatar and especially the nose pin that compliments her real well. In fact, we’ll call that a score!

However, there are also things about the trailer that have us really, really confused. For starters, the mostly rave reviews that the trailer has been garnering online across a lot of digital platforms don’t sit exactly well with us. A quick glance at the trailer and you too will find it hard to believe that all of these people could not find anything wrong with it, especially after the Beyonce Sharma Jayegi fiasco. But maybe it is actually good, maybe it’s not. We struggle with a solid conclusion here but would definitely like to take you through every thought that we had while watching it. Well, without further ado, here are all the thoughts we had while watching the trailer: 

Here Are The Thoughts I Had While Watching Khaali Peeli Trailer


  1. 'It's so hard to watch this with an unbiased eye after “Beyonce Sharma Jayegi.” Arghhhh! 
  2. Are you sure “full dhamal” and “full jhol” are the descriptions that you want to introduce your lead pair with? After saying “full dhamal” and “full jhol” they ask “aese combo mein lafda toh hoenga na” and we kinda agree!
  3. Why would you carry stolen money and valuables in an easily spottable, jhintaak yellow bag?
  4. Ananya’s Desi avatar! <3
  5. Totally, putting our money on Jaideep Ahlawat here!
  6. 'What's up with the convoluted Mumbaiya tongue?'
  7. Hey Ishaan, where are the expressions?
  8. So much of Bollywood masala brewing here!
  9. But what’s new about this movie?
  10. We are kinda digging the entire Mumbai-of-the-90s vibe though.
  11. But a big NOOO to the cliched carnival montage!
  12. Pretty sure we have seen all of this before!
  13. Oops, I just saw a glimpse from Beyonce Sharma Jayegi yet again. 
  14. Also, once again: Beyonce nahi sharmaegi guys!
  15. Okay honestly, this trailer could have been a fun watch had it been for the theatre screen. 
  16. Wait, we’d have to watch this on our small screens by paying Rs. 300? Oh sorry, 299!
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So fam, what do you think about Khaali Peeli's trailer? Excited to watch the movie or will you give it a miss!

Featured Image: Twitter