In Today's WTF News, Kerala Prof Says 'Women Who Wear Jeans Give Birth To Transgender Kids'

In Today's WTF News, Kerala Prof Says 'Women Who Wear Jeans Give Birth To Transgender Kids'

A student often looks up to their teacher for guidance. But a professor in Kerala is turning his students into trans-phobics and sexists! Dr. Rajith Kumar in one of his 'counseling' sessions decided to make statements about what causes autism in children, and also why transgender kids are born. He stated,“Women who wear jeans or act like men give birth to transgender kids.” Sounds completely legit, doesn't it? When a man who has a degree in microbiology makes ignorant comments, it leaves you mind-boggled. 

“When a woman degrades her womanhood, or a man degrades his manhood, the girl born to them will have the characteristics of a man. A child born to such a woman will be transgender,” He said, “Good children are born to those men and women who live their lives as men and women. But, when a woman degrades her womanhood and a man degrades his manhood, the girl child born to the couple will have the character of a man. The child that she eventually gives birth to, will be born transgender.”

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Not only is this man clearly trans-phobic, he also has a problem with autistic children. “The children born to rebel men and women have this new disease called autism,” he said in a shocking statement. 

Thankfully, I am not the only infuriated one. The Kerala government found his comments "misogynist and gender insensitive" and have taken an action again him. The education minister, KK Shailaja issued a statement on Sunday stating that all government agencies and departments are barred from inviting Dr. Rajith Kumar to take part in their events. 

Though I am shocked that a professor would be making such statements, the fact that the Kerala government has taken an action against it is satisfying. Unlike, other situtions where men have gotten away with appalling statements, this incident actually sets a good precedent. We can't always ignore them so, we have to shut them up. 

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Internal image: Hindu