Kerala Photographers Morph Wedding Pictures For Pornographic Purposes

Kerala Photographers Morph Wedding Pictures For Pornographic Purposes

Don't most women look forward to getting clicked at a BFF's wedding? After all, it means you have some great pictures to share on social media once the wedding is over. And of course, to cherish the memories. But this dream turned into a nightmare for the women in Kerala after a studio called Sadayam Shoot & Edit in Vadakara town, Kozhikode district started misusing the pictures they'd clicked. The studio is known to cover family events and weddings, but instead, they morphed the faced of the women they had photographs of from these functions, for pornographic uses. 

The two owners of the studio, Dineshan, and Satheeshan have been arrested and the studio has been sealed by the Kerala police. Dineshan and Satheeshan have confessed to the crime of morphing the photographs of around 40,000 women. Kerala's Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said, "A special investigation team was set up to probe the case." One of the accused, Bibeesh is yet to be found but the matter is being looked into and investigated. 

You cannot trust anyone these days!

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