We Have Questions For Kavita Kaushik After Her Dramatic Walkout From Bigg Boss House

We Have Questions For Kavita Kaushik After Her Dramatic Walkout From Bigg Boss House

In a shocking turn of events in Bigg Boss 14, Kavita Kaushik walked out of the house after a heated altercation with Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla yesterday. Despite being the one who didn’t perform properly in last night’s task, she was quick to lay it on Abhinav and Rubina when Bigg Boss called out the entire house for lack of enthusiasm. ‘Aap logon ne is game ko itna thanda kar diya,’ was her instant reaction after Bigg Boss showed footage of all the contestants making no effort to entertain in the house and just lazying around.  

The allegations soon turned into a heated argument between Rubina and Kavita. And after getting equally involved in the fight and going to the extent of threatening Rubina, Kavita got so pissed with the fight that she straight away walked out of the main gate as everyone watched in disbelief. I mean, when you start a fight, you gotta be prepared for retaliation, na? But clearly such logic has no place in the Kavita-land. 

Rest assured, Kavita is clearly one of the most problematic and conceited Bigg Boss contestants ever and now that she has voluntarily walked out, here are a few questions that we'd like to ask:


Why Do You Judge Others For The Same Thing That You Keep Doing?

Here is a list of things that Kavita has disdained and judged her fellow contestants for: getting involved in fights, using abusive language, emotionally hurting people, and also sharing their personal trauma on the show

Here is a list of things that Kavita has done on the show (time and again): got involved in fights, used abusive language, emotionally hurt people, and also shared her personal trauma on the show. 

Ummm, seriously how can she judge others for everything that she herself has been doing all this while? 

Back On Your High Horse Yet?

Clearly, Kavitaji is constantly looking at things from her high horse where everyone looks stupid and fake AF to her while she remains hundred percent authentic. Throughout her journey, she constantly kept giving us her two cents on her fellow contestants and most of the time it went somewhat on the lines: ‘Kaun hai yar ye,’ ‘Ghatiya aadmi’ ‘Ghatiya aurat’, ‘Fake.

In the last night’s episode too, she said all sorts of things to Rubina, called her names and said, “Thandi aurat, sabko thanda kar diya, ghar ko thanda kar diya, pati toh hai hi thanda.” She also kept saying something about “Abhinav’s reality” and how she’d reveal it after the show. When Rubina reacted to all of this and asked her to say whatever she wanted to right there, Kavita got mad at her and also threatened to slap her. She literally acted like she was the one who had been wronged in the entire exchange even when she has been making personal comments on the couple for days now. 

Is she even capable of seeing her own mistakes? Must be really hard to do so from the high horse that she sits on, right? Guess, she is back up now as she doesn’t have to tolerate the Bigg Boss house and its contestants. 


Is Mental Trauma A Joke To You?

This week of Bigg Boss started with a pretty controversial task where the contestants were asked to share their deepest, darkest secrets. A lot of revelations were made during the task where Rubina and Abhinav shared that they were on the verge of divorce before entering the Bigg Boss house. Eijaz also shared that he was sexually molested as a child and how it continues to haunt him to date. While initially, Kavita was seen judging the fellow housemates for sharing their secrets just to win a task, she eventually went on sharing hers as well, which was pretty much on the same lines as Eijaz. 

However, it didn’t take her long to invalidate Eijaz’s trauma. In fact, after the task, she was constantly seen asking really hurtful questions from both Eijaz and Rubina-Abhinav about their confessions. What is this inhuman behaviour? Is mental trauma a joke to her? Or does she feel that it’s only her trauma and her narrative that’s valid? 

What Kinda Of A Special House Do You Live In?

In last night’s episode, Kavita was heard saying ‘tere jaison ke liye main ghar ke darwaze bhi nahi kholti.’ The caustic comment was aimed at Rubina. However, this isn't the first time we have heard Kavita saying something like this. Previously, she had said something to Eijaz Khan as well. After last night’s episode, evicted contestant, Shardul Pandit took to Twitter and wrote “Ye Kaunsa ghar hai jiske darwaze sab par band hai aur sab Mar rahehai waha jane ko.”

Well, same question!


Why Did You Sign Up For The Show If You Didn’t Really “Need” It?

Throughout her Bigg Boss journey, Kavita has had a very laid-back attitude towards the show. She has often talked sarcastically about the contestants as well as the house and has remained mostly disinterested in tasks. The very same happened in last night’s shark attack task where despite being warned about it from the sanchalak, she didn’t even try to come up with an honest performance. Just a couple of episodes ago, she was also heard saying that she doesn’t want the trophy that badly and that it is her calm and composure(?!?!?) that is her real win. 

If she didn’t want it ‘that badly’ then why did she even sign up for the show? Well, not only did she sign up for it but also readily agreed for re-entry after her eviction within a week of her wild card entry.

Kavita, what is this behaviour?

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