Katrina Kaif Wore A Lehenga For A Short Plane Ride And We're NOT Amazed!

Katrina Kaif Wore A Lehenga For A Short Plane Ride And We're NOT Amazed!

An important part of planning a travel wardrobe is the airport outfit. For most of us, factors that play in are style and comfort. And who do we look to for inspo? 

Bollywood, duh. When it comes to airport outfits, B-town is our constant style source and fashion guide. The popular travel OOTD is, of course, athleisure in all forms, bohemian dresses and, of late, cotton suits. Yes, Indian wear has graduated to being a Bollywood go-to. 

kangana airport look katrina

But the kind of Indian wear our dear Kat wore for a plane ride to Ranchi over the weekend is something even we hadn't imagined in our wildest dreams... considering our imagination is rather vivid, that is saying something.  

Yes, Katrina Kaif posted a picture of her boarding a private flight to Ranchi, wearing a Shriya Som fusion lehenga. 

katrina kaif lehenga aiport 1

An all-white ensemble, Katrina's outfit consisted of a wrap cropped jacket, worn over a glittery top and a poofy white lehenga. 

No, your eyes ain't lying to you. Not a very practical airport look, is it? Not very stylish either. There's just something about Katrina's outfit that makes it more tacky than terrific.

katrina kaif lehenga airport 3.

katrina kaif lehenga airport 2.

Don't get us wrong, we're all for being extra all day every day but Kat Kaif just did it wrong. 

katrina kaif lehenga airport 4

The actress DID wear this outfit for an event in Ranchi and skipped the outfit change by wearing it straight to the airport, but this doesn't excuse her from a bad outfit. Extra or not.

Next time, why don't you just go for a tracksuit, 'kay, Kat?

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