This Ex Cop’s Disturbing Comments About Nirbhaya’s Mother Have Infuriated Us!

This Ex Cop’s Disturbing Comments About Nirbhaya’s Mother Have Infuriated Us!

“I see Nirbhaya’s mother, she has such a good physique. I can just imagine how beautiful Nirbhaya would have been.”

These are exactly the words of the former DGP of Karnataka HT Sangliana. The cop was invited to an award function in Bengaluru that honoured women and, get this, Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi was also awarded at the event.

But wait, there’s more. The ex-police official didn’t stop at that and went on to talk about how women should react when they’re attacked and his brilliant (unsolicited) advice was,

"If you are overpowered, you should surrender, and follow up the case later. That way we can be safe, save life, prevent being killed."

Yep, we’re as gobsmacked to hear a celebrated ex-cop talk like he’s also retired his senses.

He was invited to give an award to a woman cop, D Roopa and he left after his speech that left the audience at the event disgusted. Some even left the building and protested on Twitter.

One who stayed for her respect for Asha Devi was activist Anita Cheria. However, she didn’t mince her words when she criticised the former DGP's outrageous remarks in her speech, “When top government officials, from the police, seemingly well-meaning, think it appropriate to comment, appreciating a woman's good physique, we, as a society, have long way to go to change mindsets and bring any measurable lasting change in favour of women.”

Nirbhaya’s mother had to fight an uphill battle for her daughter and it is evident that change is a long way coming. When she got on stage, she spoke about her frustration with the system. “We have law, police, government but justice is something that does not come easy. Nobody now is scared of the law, law is not a deterrent. We most times feel happy during these once a year celebrations, but that is only a token if it does not lead to change,” she said.

It’s been five years since Nirbhaya’s rape and as a society, we are still failing her and every other woman. This is one of those hard-to-swallow incidents that remind us that not much as changed and the biggest obstacle for women in this country is still mindsets. The bitter truth is that we don’t just need better laws; we need sensible lawmakers, law executors and socially conscious citizens.