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Want A Transformation Like Kareena Kapoor? Here Are Her Dietician's Tips!

Want A Transformation Like Kareena Kapoor? Here Are Her Dietician's Tips!

You know what it feels to be able to eat anything and everything without feeling any guilt? Yeah, me neither. If you ask my colleagues, they will tell you about my infamous death stare when they yell 'momos' in the middle of the day. I am someone who likes to keep a check on what I eat but it hardly works that way. 

Kareena Kapoor has been known for her phenomanal fitness routine. The one that not just took her to size zero once upon a time but also helped her gracefully lose post-pregnancy weight within a course of 7 months. But there is always someone who is helping you get through this and for Kareena, that is Rujuta Diwekar who is one of the most followed nutritionists and a celebrity dietician.

According to Rujuta, the key to a sustainable weight loss is to actually do it in a healthy way. Crash diets never help. I too have realised in the long run after being on every possible crash diet that following a healthy lifestyle along with eating right is something that helps in the logn run.

Rujuta is launching her new Fitness Project 2018, for which she took to Instagram to give out some healthy lifestyle habits. Here are some popular myths she busted!

And you thought fats were bad for you?


FAQs on oil - week 12 guideline #RDfitnessproject2018 Link to week 11 form in bio.

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If you notice, her diet plan includes eight meals a day which means no starving and no crash diets. Just portion-controlled meals throughout the day AKA a balanced diet plan.

And since working out is as important, she listed a few benefits of the evergreen 'surya namaskar' too.


The fitness project 2018 - Week 9 guideline - Practice Suryanamaskar daily Namaskar. We have only 4 more weeks together and till now you have already integrated 8 lifestyle changes into your daily routine and here’s the latest one. The one which has stood the test of time, the one that bridges the gap between strength and calm - the one and only, Suryanamaskar. In ancient india, it was a practice for children to perform 5 Suryanamaskar everyday as a part of the daily routine along with brushing, bathing, eating, etc. My grandfather or Ajoba died at the age of 87 around noon, but he had done his Suryanamaskar, dusted the house and eaten his lunch - routine was complete. He had a six pack not because he wanted one but because it was inevitable. Video of Suryanamaskar - search 'rujuta Suryanamaskar on YouTube'. Week 8 tracking form - link in bio (Note – we will be selecting 15 participants who have been filling the form regularly for the ‘Free consultation day’ in April. You can start even from this week). #RDfitnessproject2018 #Uncomplicatefitness

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If you think about it, staying fit (not skinny) is actually the right promise to make to yourself. It's easier than you think it is!

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