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Kareena Kapoor Khan Had The Funniest Answer When Asked About Saif's Most Annoying Habit!

Kareena Kapoor Khan Had The Funniest Answer When Asked About Saif's Most Annoying Habit!

Kareena Kapoor Khan is as sassy as it gets! No matter which interview you pick up, you'll see the Begum of Pataudi speaking her mind unabashedly and saying whatever she thinks, no matter how controversial it is. But that's what we love about her - her sass, her quick wit and her humour. So when it comes to questions about her husband Saif Ali Khan, we expect her to be equally uninhibited in her answers and boy, in a recent interview, did Bebo deliver or what?

In an appearance on the celebrity chat show, Starry Nights 2. OH!Bebo was seen having a lot of fun with her BFF Amrita Arora Ladak, or Amu, as she's lovingly called. In what seemed like a rapid-fire round, Amu asked Bebo what her husband's most annoying habit was. To this, Kareena replied, "That he needs to have a foot massage anywhere in the world. Be it in aircraft, airport lounge, he will be the first one to lie down on that thing and go arre haan, pair daba do.” Sounds like the Nawab cannot resist a little rub-rub and relaxation!




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In a world where relationships are falling apart left, right and centre, it is quite refreshing and reassuring to see that Saif and Kareena have a healthy and loving relationship, one where they can pull each other's leg and laugh at themselves. We also witnessed this when Saif came on as a celebrity caller on Kareena's radio show What Women Want. Saifu had asked Kareena "You know how it's like... once you've had a baby, people say that relationships and things change, and wives get like really into the child and the relationship changes slightly or you know she's busy and doesn't have much time. Is there any way - this is my question - that a husband can get more attention or make his wife happier post-baby? Are there any tips you can give us in this direction? All the best, see you at home!" Bebo couldn't believe the nerve on her husband and laughed at him for asking such a 'cheeky' question on national radio before giving an equally fitting reply.




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She'd said, "Really? Very cheeky of you Saifu to be asking this on national radio but either way, I think I should answer it. I think a husband should just be there for the wife. Baby means bahut saari extra responsibilities and wo share karne se wife bahut khush ho jayegi I'm sure. As for attention, plan a nice date for her... kahin romantic location pe... you know... without the baby and then see the magic... haan? Aur agar wife bole ki use baby ke saath time spend karna hai, toh bura maat mano (and if your wife says she wants to spend time with the baby, don't feel bad, okay?). It doesn't mean she loves you any less. It just means thode time ke liye uska perspective change ho gaya hai. Anyway, hoping for a nice romantic date from you soon, Saifu. The class is now dismissed."

Can't say we don't love this banter now, can we? Now we know where our little darling Tim gets all his cuteness from!

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Published on Feb 20, 2019
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