Kareena Kapoor Shares A Fan's Heartwarming Message On Instagram & It'll Give You The Feels

Kareena Kapoor shares Freddy Birdy's message

You can't deny the fact that social media has brought the world closer. Especially, in the case of celebrities and their fans.  Thanks to social media, getting a glimpse of a celebrity's life off-screen is only a click away. It's through their pictures, tweets and captions, that fans learn more about them. A perfect example of this is the special bond Kareena Kapoor Khan shares with Freddy Birdy. 

Kareena Kapoor Shared A Heartwarming Message On Her IG Story & It'll Give You All The Feels

On Friday, Advertising Copywriter, Freddy Birdy, took to the 'Gram to share a heartwarming message about Kareena Kapoor. His message is soul-stirring, heartwarming and downright insightful. Here give it a read! 

In his message, he points out that you don't need to 'know' a person in order to "get them". Sometimes, you just do. To illustrate his point, he used Kareena Kapoor Khan as an example. No caption or hashtags followed after - just a tag. Kareena Kapoor Khan was quick to take note and reshared his post on her IG story and wrote, "I get you @freddy_birdy". 



A share and a comment are probably some of the most reassuring ways for a fan that a celebrity 'gets them' too. If you recall, this isn't the first time Kareena Kapoor reshared Freddy Birdy's post. The same thing happened in Jan! 


Isn't their bond simply adorable? We think so too! 

In other news, Bebo is set to deliver her second child any day now. Here's hoping everything goes smooth for our P.H.A.T actress! 

Featured Image: Instagram