Kareena Kapoor Revealed Who Apologises First After A Fight & We Bet You'd Want To Know!

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We’ve all heard the done-to-death, stereotypical wife jokes that make random assumptions and sometimes even boil our blood! One of these jokes is that women never apologise first after a fight. Well, turns out that is actually true in the case of our beloved celeb couple -- Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan. Just like every other couple, these two also have their fair share of fights and arguments but Saif is always the first one to extend an olive branch.


Speaking to Kunal Kemmu on his radio chat show What Women Want, Kareena asked who is the first one to apologise when he and Soha Ali Khan fight. Responding to the question, Kunal quipped that it is tough to find the word 'sorry' in Soha's dictionary because the page was torn and reattached in the wrong place! "Woh (sorry) milta hi nahi hai, kabhi mil gaya toh lagta hai ki mindblowing cheez ho gayi hai," said Kunal. He further added that he is the first one to say sorry and make peace.

We know that has you cracking up but it's what Bebo said that had us giggling! 

Opening up about her fights with the nawab of Pataudi, Kareena said that Saif is the first one to say sorry and that he always says sorry. Bebo went on to add that according to her, it's always men who goof up. "I feel even Saif says sorry. He is the one who always says sorry also. I think men generally... probably, it is them doing the mistakes. So, it’s better to say sorry and end it and make peace. Otherwise, you can’t sleep," said the actress.


FYI, Kunal had also made another funny and interesting revelation about fights with Soha on The Kapil Sharma Show earlier. He had revealed that Soha has impeccable English, thanks to her Oxford education, whereas his knowledge is limited. So, when they fight, Soha speaks in English while Kunal sticks to Hindi! 

Recalling a fight, the actor shared that once Soha used a big word which left him confused and he had to actually interrupt the fight to go to the washroom and google the meaning. Kunal further added that this has actually helped improve his vocabulary! Now, who knew something good could come out of a fight! 


Well, Saif and brother-in-law Kunal both seem to know just how to make their ladies happy. Dear hubby, are you reading this?!

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