Kareena Kapoor Khan Was The *Green Patakha* We Needed This Diwali!

Kareena Kapoor Khan Was The *Green Patakha* We Needed This Diwali!

It's the day after Diwali and we're not sure what to do with our lives anymore. With the commotion-filled month you've probably had as well, we're certain you know what we mean. No more taash parties, no more excuses to gorge on sweets, and sadly, no more dressing up.

But that's okay, because we still have the firework that is Kareena Kapoor Khan. It's been a clean and 'green' Diwali for us and we have Bebo to thank for it.


Image source: kareenafc on Instagram

The Bollywood star chose to wear a green saree for badi Diwali, when she spent some quality time with her family at her house. And not just any green saree, we're referring to an exquisite solid emerald green silk saree by Raw Mango. 

With a simple red and gold slim border, Kareena's shiny green saree was a no-fuss Indian ensemble but came with a blouse that'll blow your mind. Those who like to skip the drama but do love to stir things up, this saree and its blouse are for you. 


Image source: glamourupdate on Instagram

The sleeveless Ram Mango blouse had a plunging V-shaped neckline and was covered in polka dotted threadwork. Something your masterji can't possibly mess-up as long as the fitting is spot-on. 


Image source: kareenafc on Instagram

It was refreshing, TBH, for us to see Kareena in something fairly simpler and less edgy than the rest of her Indian wardrobe. Her saree drape, for instance, was mellow but traditional in style, as was her makeup. With kohl-lined eyes and a red bindi plus sindoor, Kareena kept it desi and classic.


Image source: kareenafc on Instagram

Except for her emerald and gold necklace. That piece of jewellery...wow. And it also takes the Begum's ensemble to the next level, doesn't it? 

On a more serious note, hope you guys did have a green Diwali! If you're still on the hunt for some Bollywood-approved saree styles and drapes for the wedding season, you've come to the right place.

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