Bebo Is Looking Like Barbie In This Pink Gown & Now We Want One Too!

Bebo Is Looking Like Barbie In This Pink Gown & Now We Want One Too!

Looks like Kareena Kapoor's outfits are being sourced from a secret corner of the beautiful world called Candyland because, OMG, she has been looking more and more yummy. After giving us a mango-licious weekend, Kareena Kapoor has made our week with this baby pink gown looking like a strawberry flavoured toffee.

1 kareena kapoor khan - pink gown

Image: Instagram

We're not sure whether to call her a Barbie doll or a Disney Princess come to life.

In a gorgeous pink empire line gown with thin straps so fancy that it looks like a pink waterfall, Bebo never ceases to impress us. We like how she has accessorised with a bracelet, a ring and an elegant necklace that perfectly complements the sweetheart neckline of the gown.

You want one too, right? Here are five of our favourite pink dresses that will give you Barbie doll feels just like Kareena.

1. The Dinner Date

2 kareena kapoor khan - RARE Women Pink Solid Maxi Dress

POPxo Recommends: Pink Solid Maxi Dress (Rs 944) by Rare is available at 55% off.

2. The Bachelorette

3 kareena kapoor khan - SHEIN Exaggerate Bow Embellished Mesh Overlay Strapless Dress

POPxo Recommends: Exaggerate Bow Mesh Overlay Strapless Dress (Rs 690) by Shein is available at 50% off. 

3. The Party Popper

4 kareena kapoor khan - Koovs Ruffle Halter Neck Dress

POPxo Recommends: Ruffle Halter Neck Dress (Rs 1,299) by Koovs.

4. The Lunch Liason

5 kareena kapoor khan - SASSAFRAS Women Pink Solid One Shoulder Maxi Dress

POPxo Recommends: Pink Solid One Shoulder Maxi Dress (Rs 734) by Sassafras is available at flat 65% off.

5. Casual Chic

6 kareena kapoor khan - ONLY Pink Fit   Flare Dress

POPxo Recommends: Pink Fit & Flare Dress (Rs 1,048) by ONLY is available at flat 65% off.

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