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Kareena Kapoor's Sexy *Serpentine* Dress Is The Real Legend Of The Jungle!

Kareena Kapoor's Sexy *Serpentine* Dress Is The Real Legend Of The Jungle!

So, guess what? We found out what Kareena Kapoor Khan's spirit animal is: a serpent. One look at her getup for the promos of Mowgli, The Legend of The Jungle, and you'll realise it was meant to be! 

The new movie adaptation of the classic children's book stars Kareena Kapoor as the voice-of 'Kaa', one of the leading characters. If you think about it, Bebo is THE perfect fit for the serpent's role. We already know about Kareena's sultry, husky voice, but her outfit from yesterday was what took the cake.


Image source: Instagram

The Bollywood actress seemed like she was born to play the part as she worked a slithery, metallic dress by Mary Katrantzou for the promotions. Looks like Mohit Rai was inspired by her character in Mowgli while he was curating her look, and he did a smashing job at that. 

Starting with the glamorous, edgy dress - WOW. This could be the most 'Kareena' look Kareena's ever worn! Black, silver, and pink combined with a knotted waist, a scaly pattern and a thigh-high slit - all in a metallic, reflective fabric... Breathtaking, isn't it? 


Image source: Instagram

A mind-blowing dress deserves shoes that let it shine, doesn't it? We were happy to see Kareena wearing hers with metallic, strappy heeled sandals by Charles and Keith. Yay, MR!


Image source: Instagram

Now, the uncanny resemblance between Kareena and Kaa doesn't end here. In case it's been a while since you watched Mowgli, Kaa was especially fond of hypnotising innocent passers-by with her intoxicating eyes. Evidently, Kareena Kapoor Khan's seductive smokey eyes have definitely had a similar effect on us. So did her nude, matte finish makeup


Image source: Instagram

Also, the wet, slicked back hair is reminiscent of a serpent's shiny, glassy skin... Needless to say, our Begum is giving us life in this dress. In fact, whether it's in a cocktail dress or a traditional saree, she's always looked like the bomb. Naturally, we can't wait to experience Kaa's character in Kareena's voice, can you?


Image source: Instagram

BTW, the Hindi version of Netflix's Mowgli, The Legend of the Jungle, also stars Bollywood actors Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, and Abhishek Bachchan in lead roles. 7th December, come quicker!

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Published on Nov 26, 2018
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