Karan Patel Threatens Fan Who Sent His Wife Ankita Lewd Messages

Karan Patel Threatens Fan Who Sent His Wife Ankita Lewd Messages

Celebrities have become increasingly accessible to their fans, thanks to social media. From being trolled for an outfit choice to being questioned for their parenting style, everything they do is out in the spotlight. A recent case in point is that of actor Karan Patel, the male lead of Ekta Kapoor’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and his wife, actress Ankita Patel. 

The actor shared a post on Instagram warning a user who had been sending obscene and lewd messages to his wife. He captioned the post, “😡 W A R N I N G 😡” and has even filed a police complaint against the account. 


 “And if things don't get better, I will personally find the guy and teach him such a lesson that he will think twice before being born. I am a Mumbai guy, so don't mess with me," the actor said in an interview with a news agency.  

Karan also shed light on the fact that fans often forget that actors have feelings, “That is the problem. Common people think just because we are actors, they can do what they want and this only encourages them. They forget that at the end of the day, even we are humans first who get hurt. Also, did he think twice before using derogatory language against my loved ones? I don't care a shit about culture in such a situation and will go to his house to tear him up limb by limb."

"You feel that I don't respect people and I am arrogant, then why don't you troll me from your real identity When you troll me, is it because you hate me or it gives you satisfaction? Don't judge someone unless you know that person far too well," Karan went on to say. 


The actor justified his reaction by saying that if someone goes after his family, he will get aggressive. He said, "If someone says something similar to your family, what would be your reaction? It's easy for me to get you behind bars but I won't do it because it would hurt your family and I am here for mine, and hence I know what they would feel to see you suffer." 

Fans don’t think twice before dropping a message on a celebrity’s profile, but Karan Patel proves that everything you say on social media counts. It’s time we turned social media into a safe space. 

Featured Image: Instagram

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