8 Times KJo’s Films Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations But We Actually Loved It!

8 Times KJo’s Films Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations But We Actually Loved It!

Remember "Pyaar Dosti Hai?" Karan Johar is one director we love not only for all the unparalleled romantic movies he's made but also for giving us friendship goals, wardrobe goals and above all, life goals. He is the quintessential filmmaker whose movies exude class and sass. 

So today, on KJo's 45th birthday, let's go down the memory lane and relive moments from his movies that gave us the most unrealistic expectations and we still love them.

Afterall, "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Anjali, Tum Nahi Samjhogi."

1. If You Ditch The Spectacles You'll Become The Most Sought After Girl In Your Vicinity

Really? Don't need to spend on hair spa anymore.

1 KJo Movie YJHD

2. If You're Too Fat As a Child, You'll Become Too Hot To Handle As An Adult

Get me some fries, please?

3. If Your Boyfriend Doesn't Value You, His Best Friend Will

I wonder why he doesn't have a flatmate?!

3 KJo Movie SOTY

4. Your Parents Don't Have To Be Part Of Your Fairytale

It's all about Prince Charming, you know!

5. Your Mom Will Know You're About To Reach Home As Soon As Your Plane Lands

Telepathy. Charles Xavier got it from our mothers.

5 KJo Movie K3G %281%29

6. It's Never Too Cold To Don A Saree And Dance In The Snow

The cold never bothered me anyway.

7. It Is Totally Possible For You To Apply Face Mask Before College In The Morning

Because it's better to arrive late than ugly.

7 KJo Movie k3G

8. The Whole College Is Waiting For You To Make A Grand Entry

Make it count, okay? And yes, every single day!