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KJo Vs Kangana: Here’s The Latest In The Nepotism Debate!

KJo Vs Kangana: Here’s The Latest In The Nepotism Debate!

We thought it would never end!

Kangana Ranaut began a debate against nepotism without even realizing when she used the word ‘nepotism’ at Koffee With Karan, and called Karan Johar the flag bearer of nepotism. Bollywood is such a diverse yet united industry to be in, but this topic has divided it into two halves between star-kids and every celebrity who gave uncountable auditions to reach where they are today!

Arre, a new-age infotainment website, came out with a satirical spoof video called 'Karan's Kangana Konfessions' where KJo talks about his true feelings about nepotism and it's hilarious. 

Karan's Kangana Konfessions

Much before the IIFA Awards, Karan Johar made a Konfession about Kangana and it wasn't pretty. Watch him reveal his true feelings about #nepotism.

Posted by Arre on Monday, 17 July 2017


Arre released this video way before the IIFA controversy and now, it makes all the more sense to us. 

It was a controversy that stretched like a daily soap!

After Kangana’s Koffee With Karan episode, the controversy only grew. And in case you missed IIFA, another round of debate started when Varun joined Karan and Saif on stage at Metlife Stadium to receive his award for Best Performance in a Comic Role for Dishoom. Saif reminded him that he’s in this industry because of his pappa to which Varun’s response was to remind Saif that he’s here because of his mumma and soon after, Karan joined in saying, ‘I am here because of my papa’. Then came the ‘nepotism rocks’ chant. The joke proceeded with them breaking into ‘Bole Churiyan, Bole Kangana’ to which Karan said ‘Kangana na hi bole toh accha hai’.

2 nepotism - karan johar saif ali khan at iifa

Well, they did their gig but it isn’t something people laugh about. Kangana immediately called a press conference, and said she regrets using the word ‘nepotism’ and would never do it again (sarcastically, of course). So after lots and lots of tweets and articles about the joke they made at IIFA, here we have Varun’s apology from yesterday and Karan’s words on ending the nepotism debate!

Varun used Twitter to apologise for his IIFA act.

3 nepotism - varun dhawan tweet

Source: Varun Dhawan on Twitter

In a report by NDTV, Karan shared his final words on the topic and believe us, it will finally put a lot of people to relief. He closed the chapter by clarifying that he won’t be speaking about nepotism and Kangana anymore as it’s distrustful for her. He accepted that nepotism is an easy access to Bollywood and the fact can’t be denied, he went too far with the mention of Kangana in an act that was only meant to be a joke but it was misunderstood, and he has been ungraceful from his end. He doesn’t think ‘nepotism rocks’, he thinks ‘talent rocks’, which was the whole point since the beginning! We are glad that finally, the controversy has come to THIS.

We are thankful that finally Kangana’s point and the word ‘nepotism’ is understood by Karan! But will this controversy end or not is still a question... 

4 nepotism - karan johar

GIFs: Giphy

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