Will Do Shashtang Pranam If Wrong: Kangana Ranaut Talks About Bollywood Mafia And Trolling

Will Do Shashtang Pranam If Wrong: Kangana Ranaut Talks About Bollywood Mafia And Trolling

Queen of controversies Kangana Ranaut recently got into a verbal spat with a journalist at the song launch of her upcoming movie Judgementall Hai Kya. Kangana lashed out at the journalist and accused him of smearing her brand image. The actress also revealed proofs about their spat later on.

Kangana has sent a legal notice to the Entertainment Journalist Guild And Press Council of India for boycotting her and wrongly supporting PTI journalist Justin Rao. The journalist had commented on Kangana’s movie, Manikarnika: “Going by what all is happening, Kangana's next should be called Manikarnikahaha.” In response to this, Kanagana said, “If Manikarnika's name is being distorted by the media, it's not justified.”

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Kangana’s legal notice read, “That neither of you Addresses (Entertainment Journalist Guild and Press Council of India) is an adjudicating authority or a court, or even otherwise have any legal standing (as a recognised body), or the power, authority or the discretion to illegally and unconstitutionally ban my client Ms Kangana Ranaut, in any manner whatsoever.”

In light of these events, Kangana recently spoke to a leading daily about the journalist in question and claimed that “trolling is not a constitutional right”. While we got to hear her side of the story, here are some interesting (and WTF) things that Kangana said during the interview.

“I do not consider him a journalist. Mere liye vo bhatka hua navyuvak hai”

Talking about Justin Rao, Kangana said that he has been trolling her on a personal level but that is not the matter that the nation should concern itself with. She further went on to ask that how does one even qualify to be a journalist if all he can do is invade an actor’s privacy and threaten him/her.

“I will say sorry and I will do shashtang pranam

Kangana went on to say that if the journalist can show any clip of the actress abusing or even shouting at him, she will fall on his feet and do shashtang pranam.

“Us neech insaan ke liye main kyun girungi itna? I am a celebrated being”

The Manikarnika actress claimed that she would never soil her reputation for such a petty man because she’s a celebrity. Duh!



“Vo journalists ban kar aate hain photo lene ke liye”

Kangana revealed that she knows several people who have kept a press card just to secure parking and free food. She even called the journalist she got into the argument with ‘jaahil’. “Vo born troll hai,” said the actress about Justin Rao.

“Sirf trolling, sirf nuktachini, sirf gandi baatein! How am I going to stop them?”

Kanagana has always maintained that nepotism dominates Bollywood. In the interview, she claimed that "movie mafia controls a section of the media" and there are four influential people in the industry who hire journalists to troll her and degrade her name.

Kangana Ranaut’s movie Judgementall Hai Kya, which also features Rajkummar Rao, is slated to release on 26 July 2019.

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