How Low Can You Go? Kangana's Sweet Summery Dress Has A Risque Detail!

How Low Can You Go? Kangana's Sweet Summery Dress Has A Risque Detail!

The paps went crazy snapping Kangana Ranaut yesterday as she left a salon after what was hopefully some relaxing ‘me’ time. The Bollywood actress sure looked like she was in the mood to give zero fu**s.

Maybe it was the mood she was in, or humidity-ridden Mumbai weather, but Kangana gave everyone something to talk about behind her back.

Let’s start with the mad posing session that apparently went down in front of the salon. The actress gave the photographers some major face and hair-flipping. Hence, all the talk about her being super swag and what not. Can’t say we disagree. Miss Ranaut cracked some fabulous poses - we love when B-town goes rogue!

Moving on to - yes - her breezy backless dress! Kangana is not even ON Instagram and she still knows how to set fire to it. The woman is all about surprises, not only with her acting but with her fashion choices too. Kangana's red gingham dress at first glance, was cute as a button, with thin straps and two big front pockets. Just the kind of casual summer dress you would step out in.  


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But then the queen turns around and BAM, there was the surprise. The ‘cute’ dress was backless! Hello, plunging back.


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I, personally, love sartorial surprises such as this and can only imagine someone like Kangana to pull it off with such ease. TBH, it made the dress a whole lot more fun, didn’t it?


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