Kangana Ranaut Just Gave Us The Perfect Sridevi Throwback!

Kangana Ranaut Just Gave Us The Perfect Sridevi Throwback!

Kangana Ranaut is on a spiritual retreat in Coimbatore and her recent pictures took us 31 years back. How, you ask? Remember the famous song Kaate Nahi Kat Te from Mr. India? If you remember that, you definitely must be imagining Sridevi's blue saree in the lovely song!

1 kangana ranaut - sridevi mr india kaate nahi kat te blue saree

You see where we are going with this...

2 kangana ranaut - adishakti ashram blue saree

Uncanny, isn't it?

Kangana Ranaut visited the famous Adishakti Ashram in Coimbatore soaking in the divine in a serene blue saree and we couldn't help but think of late Sridevi dancing in the monsoon favourite song. Not just the saree, even her studs are on point. Look, look!

5 kangana ranaut - sridevi in mr india

She's just a matching blue bindi and a necklace away from looking exactly like the late legend.

Here are some pictures from Kangana's visit.

3 kangana ranaut - blue saree adishakti ashram

The more we look at the pictures, the more convinced we are.

4 kangana ranaut - posing in blue saree

Kangana Ranaut is just a cloudburst away from reenacting Sridevi, don't you think? Here's to the two queens of Bollywood!

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