‘I Am Not Sorry’ - Kangana Slams Hrithik In THIS Interview Like A Badass

‘I Am Not Sorry’ - Kangana Slams Hrithik In THIS Interview Like A Badass

We have seen the spat between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan set ablaze by everyone in Twitterverse and the media, and come what may, it refuses to be strangled and buried anytime soon.

Kangana Ranaut made an appearance on ‘Now Showing’ with Rajeev Masand and opened up about her much-spoken controversy with Hrithik Roshan on the alleged affair she had with the actor in the past. She very rightly states that she refuses to let this die down and make peace with the fact that ‘nothing came out of this’ episode that occurred.

Just because there was no conclusive proof of an impostor being involved, and even after the cyber cell came out with no reports of the alleged crime, the media still continues to be vague about the incident, not come to a verdict, she says.

Internal - Kangana And Hrithik Feud

After being threatened with jail-time for speaking against the actor and being fearful for her family as ‘they are big people’ that can do her harm, Kangana has bravely decided to speak her mind on the issue at hand, not backing down at any chance that she gets. GO QUEEN!

In an industry where popular contacts dominate the spheres of influence, Kangana has always held her belief for what she believes in and is a total badass for even confronting the likes of Karan Johar and accusing him of nepotism in his cast.

We applaud her stance on the issue, that is now inching towards a cause for women everywhere, to not be taken for a ride just because there are ‘big people’ involved who can run you down with their power and money.

“I am not going to say sorry because I am not sorry”, she says. “You can call me the names you want to call me, hate my sob story or unfortunate life - I don’t care. I am not going to settle with these kinds of words.”

You go, Kangana! We salute you!

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