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Kajol Proves That A Ponytail Is The Most Versatile Hairstyle Of 'Em All!

Kajol Proves That A Ponytail Is The Most Versatile Hairstyle Of 'Em All!

When a girl ties up her hair, she means business.

Kajol has been on the promotional run for her movie Helicopter Eela and while we are supremely happy that she's back on screen we are noticing a certain pattern in the hairstyles this time around. For us, a ponytail would mean 'my hair is too greasy I need to put it up but in a civilised way' or it would be 's$@t is about to go down, it's time to get serious' but Kajol is taking the ponytail out with her. She's tried several different styles and they have all gone with different outfits. Basically proving that the ponytail isn't just a message, it is a whole statement!

While I was staring at her pictures, seeing if I can try them out I realised that she has given us one hairstyle a day for the week (or for two weeks if you want to count just your greasy days). So let's look at them!

When she classed it up with a saree

When her crown got a puffy twist

When she threw it back to the 90s

When it was a mermaid tail

When grunge was the name of the game!

Well, it looks like I'm going to have to start taking the ponytail more seriously! 

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