10 Times Kajol In K3G Was Every Girl Ever!

10 Times Kajol In K3G Was Every Girl Ever!

It's been over a decade-and-a-half since Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham hit the silver screens. Feeing old, yet? I do. It was only yesterday when we were obsessing over ourselves and dissing everyone in sight, courtesy Poo. We all love Dharma moves for giving us movies that are not just Larger Than Life, but also make us reach out for a tissue in the end for sure. While the larger than life aspect gives us major goals, there is also a character in the movie that we somehow relate to like no other. And no matter how many of us think that we're Poo, deep down, we don't realise that a part of us is actually Anjali from K3G. Yes, the middle-class adorable woman who gets excited about anything and everything. So, 16 years since the release of this movie, I take a moment to talk about those super cute Kajol in K3G moments that was every woman in a nutshell! 

1.  When that annoying neighbour wakes you up on a Saturday morning to move your car

...and you just want to shoot them dead!

1 kajol in k3g

2. When you hear someone play the 'dhol' on the streets

You just know there is a Delhi girl in you no matter where you go.

2 kajol in k3g

3. When you see Ranveer Singh take off his shirt, wherever you are!

*whistles* Who cares about the damn crowd?

3 kajol in k3g

4. *In our dreams* - With the crush whose smile makes our day!

But sadly the reality is mostly absolutely different. However, sometimes you just like to feed off fantasies. What's the harm though? Amirite?

4 kajol in k3g

5. When someone gives you a prank call and refuses to tell you their name and you want to kill them

Main kaun? Arey kaun kaun?

5 kajol in k3g

6. When you wake up hungover only to realise you drunk dialed your ex!

And then you think of ways to cover up but you just can't think of any.

6 kajol in k3g

7. When you were goofy enough to believe that you cracked the best jokes ever

Yeah, hum bade mazaaki hai, bade mazaaki hai 

7 kajol in k3g

8. And when the third round of drinks kick in

'Mere haatho main nau nau choodiya hai'

8 kajol in k3g

9. And then people think they can stop us!

They wish. They. Bloody. Wish!

9 kajol in k3g

10. But we have no fucks left to give because we're happy in our own fantasy world!

And you know that there is no pulling you back because you're happy (and fabulous). And you know it!

10 kajol in k3g

GIFs: Giphy