Karan Johar & Kajol Have Been Giving Us Friendship Goals Way Before K3G Happened

Karan Johar & Kajol Have Been Giving Us Friendship Goals Way Before K3G Happened

It was only yesterday that we were reminiscing 16 years of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and feeling old. I was wondering if there was someone who wants to compete with me for knowing all the dialogues? While I am sitting here boasting of my Bollywood dialogue skills, I was also wondering how time flies. It only (seems) like last year when I was laughing at Kajol's typically Punjabi jokes and throwing tantrums because kaun hai jisne dobara mudd kar mujhe nahi dekha? 


#16yearsofK3G......the age of innocence

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And while memories are all that we (and they) have, there are definitely a lot of take backs that people who have been a part of this film has had. Not just this, the connection between the director, KJo and the actors is so incredibly strong that they have been talking about it since ages, be it on the Kouches or their social media. 

While every friendship is precious, my personal favourite Kjo and Kajol who have been very vocal about how much they love each other. The awesome duo hit it off during their first movie together, DDLJ where KJo also played a little cameo and have been inseparable ever since. From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to My Name Is Khan, this jodi has stuck with each other through it all! However, not all ship sail smooth and they went through their share of rough patch too. The best friends didn't speak to each other for almost two years and it all got over when Kajol decided to put an end to it and invited him to her birthday party. Karan too, in return, turned up for old times sake. Karan also spoke about his rift with her in his biography, An Unsuitable Boy. He also spoke about how he turned to SRK for help when he split with Kajol. Isn't that what friends are for?

But isn't friendship all about the love that gets you back to each other. All is good in the hood now and are back to commenting cute stuff on each other's social media. Here's proof

kajol and karan johar

This make me think of that one friend we all have drifted apart from in these years. Maybe a little misunderstanding, or something that does not even matter now. So, take this as a sign and make that call. You have spent some great times with them and they have been family to you at some point or the other. It's going to be way ay worth it. 

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