SRK & Justin Trudeau Pose Together: Who Do You Think Looks Better?

SRK & Justin Trudeau Pose Together: Who Do You Think Looks Better?

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is no stranger to India. He may have come for a week-long trip for the very first time with his family, but the man loves our country and our culture in all its glory. He's known to have celebrated a few prominent Indian festivals in Canada with a lot of zest and passion.

From having adorned a traditional veshti for Pongal, to shaking a leg to bhangra Justin Trudeau has been an inspiring role model as a culturally inclusive Prime Minister and continues to dominate headlines for his leadership, across the world.

As every traveller around the world knows, no trip to India is ever complete without sampling a slice of Bollywood, and Trudeau was no exception to the rule. It was a star-studded evening for the Trudeau family as all the biggies of Bollywood came together to welcome the Canadian PM, and we have pictures to show the love!

1. When King Khan met Trudeau and our hearts heaved a collective sigh!

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2. Perfectionists, am I right? 

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3. Influential leaders and hardcore feminists - do we need to say more?

4. When the Northern and the Southern gentlemen brought all the grace in one frame!

5. Petition to get Trudeau a cameo in Bollywood - who's with me?

 Images: India Today