Johnny Lever's 19-Year-Old Niece Naomi Janumala Is The Face Of Rihanna's Fenty!

Johnny Lever's 19-Year-Old Niece Naomi Janumala Is The Face Of Rihanna's Fenty!

A 19-year-old model from Mumbai, Noami Janumala is now the new face of Fenty! This young Indian beauty is the daughter of comedian Jimmy Moses, the brother of the legendary comic, Johnny Lever. The model who started her career just three years ago is already making waves in New York. 

Noami began her career in India and then went on to work in campaigns for brands like Adidas, Alexander Wang, H&M, Nike x Nordstrom, Levi’s and American Eagle. She was spotted because of her aesthetically gorgeous Instagram profile, which she uses to take a stand against skin tone stereotypes in India. 

In a recent interview with a leading magazine, Noami spoke about her shoot for Fenty's fashion line, where she was styled and photographed by Rihanna herself! "When I first met Rihanna, we hugged, and the first thing she asked me was, 'Where you from?' When I told her I was from India, she screamed, 'I knew it, I knew I wanted you! You’re so gorgeous, it’s annoying, I don’t even want to stand next to you! Ahhh!' I can’t even believe it sometimes that she said all of that to me," Naomi narrated. 

Noami shared that her experience with Rihanna was fluid and they got along famously, "I wish I could show you videos of how excited and dedicated she was while shooting. We clicked so well. Every time we got the shot, she would ask me, 'Where have you been all my life?' Everyone in the production team asked me if Rihanna and I had known each other before," she added.

Rihanna's makeup line Fenty is the first of its kind because of its focus on different skin tones and diversity, something that other brands lack at the moment. With over 50 shades of foundation, Rihanna has made an impactful debut with her beauty brand.

Now, the singer and entrepreneur is all set to launch a clothing line, which Noami revealed is inspired by India. "She told me how some of her clothes and earrings were inspired by a sari and jhumkas," Noami added during her interview, revealing that this was the reason Rihanna was keen on casting an Indian model. What a stroke of luck!

From Mumbai to New York, Noami is reaching great heights and we can't wait to see more of her. 

Featured Image: Instagram

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