Two Girls, One Trip - Here’s Why We Can’t Wait To Watch Richa & Kalki’s New Movie!

Two Girls, One Trip - Here’s Why We Can’t Wait To Watch Richa & Kalki’s New Movie!

Bollywood, mostly loves portraying women as jealous, vengeful creatures. But today, with the launch of Jia Aur Jia trailer, it’s time for some things to change. Richa Chadha and Kalki Koechlin are playing two halves of Jia, in a travel film set across Sweden.

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When we asked Richa about her love for travelling, she said that one of the reasons she loves filming is because she gets to travel, taking her whole team to different eating joints and basking in the local culture. She loves all kinds of travelling -  be it on solo adventures, be it with her girl gang, be it with her family and be it with her boyfriend (Ali Fazal!!!!!) who she says is super comfortable to be with and so understanding.

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Lucknow or Sweden, Richa love shopping in the local markets. Her favourite store is H&M in Sweden right in its homeground, solely because people in the country are so supportive of the brand.

And while Richa fell in love with Sweden because of the country’s perspective towards life, she also talked about how one night she turned on the television to find a teenage sex education show on air, as compared to the X rated films in India.

Though she might not be as serious as her character Jia in the film, Richa surely shares her love for being on the road. The trailer on the other hand looks absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to watch the movie in theatres soon, with our girlfriends of course!

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