Beauty Superstar: Jessica Alba Does A Full Face Of Makeup In Only 5 Minutes!

Beauty Superstar: Jessica Alba Does A Full Face Of Makeup In Only 5 Minutes!

You're lying if you deny that Jessica Alba wasn't your childhood crush! Come on! All of us wanted to have skin and hair like her and also her superpowers to become invisible (Remember Fantastic Four?).

Although we can never be Jessica, we can most definitely enjoy a bunch of products that she swears by! In case you didn't know, Jessica Alba is quite the beauty maven and also has a popular beauty brand, Honest Beauty, which the star launched in 2015!

The brand boasts of multiple organic and natural products in the sphere of makeup, skincare, bath & body and even baby care! Phew, what an overachiever, Jessica! And if you thought that was it, you'll be surprised to know that she also has her YouTube channel! Don't be disheartened if you weren't aware of it as it's pretty new.

Ever since its inception, she has been constantly posting fun videos on her channel, ranging from beauty and skincare to fashion videos to even food recipes (seriously, no one can ever have too many avocado toasts videos!).

One of her recent videos which we loved is, "5 Minute Contour Challenge with Sofia Vlahos", where she showed her amazing makeup skills by doing a full face of makeup under five minutes! From primer to foundation to contour; can she do all of the proposed makeup steps and contour her face perfectly by winning this glamorous race against time? Let's find out:

The video starts with women introducing themselves and tieing their hair to 'get ready' for the fun makeup challenge and begin by taking a sip of their coffee (so relatable!) and doing their brows.

They all start with priming their face and then pretty much go their separate ways! It's honestly so fun to watch and the final face that Jessica pulls off at the end of those 5 minutes is just gorgeous. So. Freaking. Talented!

Here are a few products you can add to your kit for a quick pick-me-up:


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I don't know about you guys but I am obsessed with her YouTube channel. Seriously, how am I supposed to let my boss know that the reason I was up all night is that I was watching Jessica's videos on loop?!

Featured Image: Instagram