How J.Lo Can You Go? Jennifer Lopez's *Jeans* Are Dangerously Low In Her Latest Outfit

How J.Lo Can You Go? Jennifer Lopez's *Jeans* Are Dangerously Low In Her Latest Outfit

It was a field day for trolls yesterday thanks to Jennifer Lopez. The smokin' latina singer turned 49 recently but her style is still as bold and edgy as ever. Her latest sensational outfit is proof - but the trolls don't seem to think it worked. At all.

Lopez was spotted in N.Y.C yesterday working the classic white shirt and blue jeans outfit with a very 'J.Lo' spin on it.

J lo versace denim boots 1

We know you want that sexy oversized shirt Jennifer is working like a boss but it might be hard to say the same about her jeans. Oops, we mean boots. Yep, it's easy to mistake her Versace denim boots for jeans. Almost seems like she forgot to pull up her jeans after she went to the ladies' room. 

j lo versace boots 2

The details on the thigh-high denim boots are what make them so confusing. With pockets on the back, belt loops, and a leather belt buckled in place around the 'waistband', it's obvious Versace's inspiration lies in an iconic pair of true blue denim jeans

j lo versace denim boots 4

The pop star's accessories reminded us that she's still 'Jenny from the block' though. J.Lo's '90s bling is giving us life... diamond-encrusted bracelets, rings, and golden hoops but most of all, her personalised diamond charm necklace that spells out her name 'Jennifer'.

j lo versace denim boots 3

Also throwing it way back to the early 2000s are her huge visor-style sunglasses and her long sleek ponytail. Her black Birkin bag balances things out and we're happy she made that choice.

Even though we want to hate on Jennifer Lopez's unique jean look, we admit it's very hard to. The woman is working those ridiculous boots like no tomorrow, and like the boss woman she is. In fact, we're on the hunt for a more affordable dupe for J.Lo's (slightly) ridiculous denim boots this very moment. 

So, as much as we'd like to side with you on this trolls, we're sorry 'coz she's still, she's "still Jenny from the block!"