Jennifer Anniston Getting Ready For The Emmy's Is The Monday Mood We All Wanna Be In

Jennifer Anniston Getting Ready For The Emmy's Is The Monday Mood We All Wanna Be In

As the entire world is getting used to the new normal, even our fav events of the year are changing things up a bit to keep everyone's health and safety as the top priority. This year's Emmy's are far from traditional award functions that we're used to- no red carpets, less formal dress code, and no late-night soirees. Well, thanks to the event management team encouraging people to come as they are, the stars' beauty and outfit teams could relax a little and go for more wearable looks.

Out of all the actors though, our eyes are on Jennifer Anniston who shared a picture of herself getting ready for the 2020 Emmy's and it's a whole mood. This behind the scenes photo from Jen getting glammed up wearing her sheet mask in comfy PJs and sipping on champagne is what weekend dreams are made of, right?



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The jammies are from Pour Les Femmes and the F.R.I.E.N.D.S actor is rocking them super hard. I can actually relate hard to her when she has moisturising sheet mask on cause that's my go-to activity when I have a ton of office work, emails to answer, and submissions to give. 

Self-care first, am I right?

Another person who totally nailed getting ready was Yara Shahidi from Grown-ish who shared a video of herself bleaching her upper lip hair before the Emmy's. Hello, why is this me before every date?

Honestly, I am sometimes thankful for 2020 cause it has given us all so much time to self-reflect and take a time out from the daily hustle-bustle that we were all stuck in and this year the Emmy's have been all about just that.

I love Jen, I love her mood and I love her in a sheet mask and pyjamas even more. Never change, girl!

Featured Image: Instagram