#JCBKiKhudayi: 15 Hilarious JCB Memes That'll Make You Say 'LOL I Get It Now!'

#JCBKiKhudayi: 15 Hilarious JCB Memes That'll Make You Say 'LOL I Get It Now!'

The power of social media is incredible. The most random things can become viral overnight. Case in point: JCB memes. Have you spotted those big yellow tractors at construction sites? Well, their videos are trending on social media. Netizens are drawing pleasure from watching these tractors do their job. This is why #JCBKIKhudhayi is trending on Twitter.

Like we said, just about anything has the potential to go viral these days.

Incidentally, two days before JCB memes were all over the internet, actress Sunny Leone took to her Twitter account to share a photo of herself posing atop JCB-like equipment, with the caption "Career change!? LOL 😜"

Did she start the bizarre trend? We'll never know.

There's a meme fest on Twitter you should check out!

1. The Best Kind Of Dream

JCB Meme 1

2. That Excitement Though!

JCB Meme 2

3. Why So Grumpy, Sharma Ji?

JCB Meme 3

4. Run! Run! Run!

JCB Meme 4

5. The Country Be Damned, Eh?

JCB Meme 5

6. Ouch!

JCB Meme 6

7. How Lucky!

JCB Meme 7

8. Rahul, You Listening?

JCB Meme 8

9. This Cracked Me Up

JCB Meme 9

10. Oops!

JCB Meme 10

11. One Day!

JCB Meme 11

12. Baba Also Loves JCB

JCB Meme 12

13. Hard Luck

JCB Meme 13

14. March To JCB Ki Khudayi

JCB Meme 14

15. Why Me?

JCB Meme 15

Images source: Twitter

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