Jasmin Bhasin Slams Trolls For Spamming Her With Nasty Comments & We Stand By Her!

Jasmin Bhasin Slams Trolls For Spamming Her With Nasty Comments & We Stand By Her!

Jasmin Bhasin's tearful eviction from Bigg Boss 14 a few weeks ago left everyone shocked. And ever since her eviction, the actress has been dominating headlines. Recently, Jasmine made some explosive revelations about the gharwalas. But this time she’s in the news for slamming trolls. 

Since her eviction, Jasmin has become active on social media. And while we continue to swoon over her #Jasly posts, the Bigg Boss fandom crowd is still pretty angry with her. Recently, the actress posted a workout video on her Instagram handle, where she could be seen throwing some punches. And this time the trolls crossed a line when they not only left nasty comments on her post but also hurled abuses at her. 


Now, we understand that people may not personally like Jasmin, but this behaviour is absolutely unacceptable. 

While Jasmin has been putting up with loads of nasty comments on her posts since her eviction, this time the actress took a moment to slam the trolls and put them in their places. 

Sharing a screenshot of the comments on her Instagram story, Jasmin shamed the troll and asked if she 'deserved' so much hate. She wrote. "Seriously guys, do I deserve this on a normal workout video post of mine? Shame on you!!"


On the other hand, we're totally rooting for Jasmin and Aly while the actress continues to root for her loverboy's win in Bigg Boss 14. And it seems like Jasmin misses Aly a LOT. Have you seen all the loved up posts that the actress has been sharing for her ‘sher’?

Well...we can't wait to see them together outside the BB house.


We may or may not like Jasmin, but we do stand by her and have a message for the trolls--get a life!

Feature Image: Instagram